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I was thinking it might be in our mutual best interest to attempt a comprehensive list of all the best Lexx related links on the web.  I'll start us off with a few of my personal favorites in hope that others will follow suit:

Arcadia's Heretic Stories:,0,
This is a collection of badass fanfic stories by old-time Lexxian Silversteel the Cleric.  Along with the Lyekka Touch by Sleeping Ramses, they are some of my all-time favorite fan stories...definitely worth checking out if you've never read them, and worth revisiting if you have!

This site is positively swelling with information. Of particular interest are the Darrow Files by Dennis Valdron, the most knowledgeable Lexxian in this or any other universe (the beans themselves have gone on record as stating that Darrow knows the show better than anybody...far be it for me to argue with them). Of particular interest are his speculations on the true nature of Fire and Water, and his attempt at constructing a working history of the Divine Order.  This is seven-course brain food and then some.

Lexx Annex:
Another wealth of information, including the holiest of holies, the Memory Catacombs...every word of every episode transcribed.  To the person or persons who undertook this mighty endeavor: you rock in more ways than there are words to describe it, and you need but say the word and I will gleefully cast myself into the protein bank.

BBoard Archives:
The original bboard archives (or at least half of them...the first half was unceremoniously shitcanned some time ago).  Gone but not forgotten.


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I think that the filking fairy site is by Goblin, a longstanding Lexxian that we had a good time with at Timeless dest & is an all round thoroughly good egg.:)

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jerhume wrote: I think that the filking fairy site is by Goblin, a longstanding Lexxian that we had a good time with at Timeless dest & is an all round thoroughly good egg.:)
she's prolly scrambled by now..after the con! buwahahahahaha..okay i'll go away now.


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Thanks for the list - great stuff. Do you have any idea where I can find the Lexx books, by Rolf Giese in English. Originally they where all in German...

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As far as I know the Lexx book by Rolf Giesen was only in German. I believe CheshireKat has a copy of one.

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