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In the Fifth Cycle of Time
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*So this is the continuation of the Prophecy and Time story and is a series.  Each Chapter may fall under a different genre as it develops so to make it easy I'll just classify it as Alternate Universe Mature for Language and Violence(at times).

A Meeting of the Kais(Drama/comedy)

Second and Fourth Kai sat at the table.  The two of them always tended to be the first to arrive.  Third Kai entered the room holding the door for the aged First Kai to hobble in.  Only Third Kai seemed to take the elderly First Kai in stride, but then again Third Kai unlike the two young Kai’s already seated at the table was on the far side of middle age.   For the two younger Kai’s it was difficult to reconcile to themselves that the old man was what they would have become had they lived long enough.
The ancient First Kai was over 240 years old when he died peacefully in his sleep of old age.  Although the old man was wrinkled and bent with the symptoms of age his eyes still sparkled with youth and his mind was sharp as a razor.  He was the contradiction among the group.  Although he had fought the insects with primitive weapons, he had survived an 80 year war and founded the Kai bloodline that they all came from.  He was the only one of them to peacefully start his walk along the path to the Dream Zone, the rest of them had all gone out with a bang…literally.
Second Kai was the youngest of the group at 25.  He was a Kai but at times his youth got the better of him.  Until the arrival of Fourth Kai he had been a bit of a whiner.  He could often be counted on to remind the Kai’s how unfair it was that he had to die so young leaving behind a pregnant mate only days after she had told him he was to be a father.  However he realized that that the newest Kai had more reason to complain than he did.  Which was a good thing, both First and Third Kai had often been tempted to bash him over the head just to shut him up.
Third Kai was the first to truly live with the prophecy that had controlled all of them. His entire life had been spent living up to the expectations others.  He was expected to not only fill a prophecy in his position as a Kai but to be the perfect son of the High Warrior Delegate as a mortal.  Since Fourth Kai had joined them, he rarely found himself tempted bash Second Kai across the head with First Kai’s staff anymore.  All he had to do was sit back and wait for Second Kai to get under Fourth Kai’s skin and then watch the fireworks.  Second Kai had been braced more than once in the 1000 years since Fourth Kai’s arrival.
If any of the Kais had reason to complain it was Fourth Kai.  He was just shy of 40 when he died the first time.  Instead of walking the path to the Dream Zone like the rest of the Kais he was trapped for 2000 years in a place between life and death by the Insects, his body mutilated by their scientists and used as a weapon against the enemies of the insects until he regained his memory.  Add to that another 4000 years spent with Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer  teaching them about the Brunnen G culture and the insect wars so they could follow the path Rakais had laid for them.  No wonder Rakais had given him Patience AND Determination.
The four of them only met as a group when they had business to discuss.  Today’s meeting was important business indeed.  The fifth cycle of time was drawing to a close.
Fourth Kai tensed as the entity occupied the fifth seat at the table, this part always unnerved him.  The arrival of the ‘Soul’, it was what bound the four of them together.  The glowing form took shape, if you could call it that.  It was nothing but light and energy it was rather like turning up a dimmer switch it simply grew brighter and more distinct until they were facing a brilliant golden aura of light. They were Kais, but this was KAI.  The ancient wrath of Rakais herself. 
They had all been chosen by Rakais but they had never seen her, she communicated with them through KAI. “Kai will be the hand of Destruction as Kai was in the past and will be in each cycle of time.” The voice was male and female, young and old.  It was as if it spoke with the voice of all humanity “The Brunnen G will once again follow Kai and Mankind will follow the Brunnen G.  Kai will follow Kai.  Fifth Kai has been chosen.” The glow faded as KAI having delivered its message now left them.
Second Kai spoke up.  “What does it mean Kai will follow Kai?”
Fourth Kai added “I was the last of the Brunnen G, our people were exterminated when Brunnis 2 fell.”
A red-faced Third Kai sheepishly spoke “I think can explain that part of it Fourth Kai.  You actually are not the Last of the Brunnen G. I was one of a group of warriors that travelled to allied worlds to train them to use the technology we had to fight the Insects.  We kind of ended up training some of the women on those worlds in a different aspect of a Brunnen G warrior’s erm…talents”.
“You mated with outsiders?!” Second Kai was appalled.
“Not everyone remains a virgin until their joining.  You are an oddball Second Kai.  You only had sex as a mated male.  By the end of my days you could not earn the Gortha, the dagger that indicated your status as a warrior without first visiting the House of Women and proving you knew how to use the “dagger” you were born with.  Sadly that practice had died out by the time you were born.   It taught warriors to understand passion.  Passion feeds both sex and violence.”  First Kai spoke up.  “So Third Kai, you obviously spilled your seed on a lot of fertile ground.  How many allied worlds did you visit? And how many children did you leave behind?”
“My own group visited 15 different allies.  There were 10 of us in my group and we were uh, popular.  I know at least 40 women gave birth to my children alone.”
Fourth Kai could not resist the opportunity for a little payback for the constant ribbing he got for his bun which he refused to stop wearing.  He looked every inch the Divine Assassin once again. “I believe the phrase you are looking for is ‘space faring sluts.’”  Third Kai actually managed turn several shades redder.  “If Brunnen G children were born on allied worlds, they probably have no idea of who they are.”
Second Kai now took his opportunity to get a dig in on Fourth Kai.  “Try loosening the bun dead wit. Why do you think you spent all that time with those two on the LEXX, for your health?  You would think Rakias would have chosen someone whose brain was not suffering from Rigor Mortis to bring the Brunnen G story back to the Dark Zone. “
“Children please, let us get back to business.” First Kai added before things got out of hand.  Fourth Kai would take Third Kai’s ribbing as good natured teasing but one comment from Second Kai was all it took to exhaust Fourth Kai’s store of patience.  The next comment would be considered an insult and Second Kai would end up missing some part of his anatomy that had fallen victim to the brace.  None of them could die but they could feel pain.  And Fourth Kai was a master at causing pain, one of the many talents he had developed as a Divine Assassin.
First Kai continued, “So we know that there are descendents of the Brunnen G in the Dark Zone and that Kai’s time on the LEXX means that knowledge of their ancestry may be available.  We also know that Fifth Kai has been chosen.  The only confusion is the Kai following Kai part.  Each of us has been allowed to pretty much find our way without interference.  Do we now interfere and how?”
Third Kai added his opinion. “We have to find out which of the many worlds in the Dark Zone Fifth Kai is on.  That may give us some idea of what we must do.”
Fourth Kai thought for a second.  “It would be helpful to find out where Stanley and Xev ended up.  The purpose of our wandering was to find them a home.  If they did find a place to settle down then they would more than likely have shared the tales of their wanderings with the native population.”
 Second Kai interrupted, “What has that got to do with anything? Just because they decided to tell the natives bedtime stories about their travels doesn’t mean that’s where Fifth Kai is.  It just means we have become myths and legends.” seeing the look on Fourth Kai’s face he immediately ducked but still lost a lock of hair to the brace.  Young as he was, Second Kai knew a warning when he got one.  Fourth Kai did not miss unless he meant to miss.
“All of you have had some knowledge of the prophecy before you filled it.  The odds are that the prophecy is a part of the local culture or legend.  The people would have to have some knowledge of Brunnis 2.” First Kai reasoned.  So we are looking for a world with some knowledge of Brunnis 2 that was allied with Brunnis during the Third Cycle.”
Fourth Kai spoke up.  “I think I know someone that can help us, the question is will he?”
An Old Nemesis
“Are you sure he’s here?” First Kai asked.  He sat in a chair beside the chessboard.
“Yes I am.  However he likes to play games, to feel he is in control of the situation.  This is simply another game for him.” Fourth Kai said.  “Dealing with him takes patience.  Patience on my part is usually his undoing.”
“Hello Kai, fancy meeting you here.  I thought you would be communing with your ancestors in the Dream Zone.” Prince had finally appeared.
“I am communing with my ancestor here. He is the founder of my line.” 
“Yes, so I see.  Are all your ancestors decrepit and senile, or is he the exception” Prince nodded toward First Kai who was looking even more helpless and frail than normal.  “I expected to see some larger life heroic demigod not some old fart that would blow away in a stiff wind.”
First Kai spoke up, “I understand that you like to make deals.  I or rather we would like to make one with you now.”
“What do you want from me?” Prince could not resist at least hearing the terms of a deal.
“Where did Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer finally end up settling down?”
“While I do certainly know, why should I tell you? What’s in it for me?”
Suddenly an arm snaked around Prince’s neck from behind.  At the same time he felt something sharp pressed against his back between his ribs. “I don’t know,” It was impossible and yet Kai’s voice was very close to his ear “Maybe we will decide not to find out if a minor elemental like you can survive being mortally wounded by weapons forged by a God?”
“That would be another of my ancestors, actually two of my ancestors.  They could not decide which one of them should handle this part of our meeting so they….compromised.” Fourth Kai spoke.  “As I reflect on our past conversations, I think that you perhaps had some idea or suspicion of what I am.  I also know that you were never sure of whether or not I could truly kill you.  So what is in it for you is that we will not endeavor to answer that question.”
“Kai, really.  I’m disappointed.  It seems your intellect has died along with your body.  You cannot kill Death.” Prince replied with a smirk on his face.
First Kai hobbled over to stand in front of Prince. “You know they did play some interesting games on that little planet called Earth.  I considered taking up golf but my aged bones just won’t let me bend over like that.  But they did have another game that was very interesting called Baseball.” First Kai spoke conversationally to the other Kai’s.  “There are two teams you see, one team is on the field and the other team is ‘at bat’.  On the field is a ‘pitcher’, his job is to toss a ball at a man called the ‘batter’.  The batter’s job was to try to hit the ball back out into the field where those men would try to catch it and prevent the batter from safely running to the base, and so the name Base Ball”
“What are you blithering about old man, what does this have to do with a deal?” Prince asked.
First Kai continued as if Prince hadn’t spoken “One of the most famous batters was a man named Babe Ruth.”  The old man grabbed the end of his staff and did the best he could at taking a batter’s stance. “He was known as the Sultan of Swat.” First Kai ended his lesson on Baseball by swinging his staff and connecting powerfully with Prince’s abdomen.  “Don’t let looks deceive you elemental.  I was clubbing insects to death up until the day I died.”
Third and Second Kai looked down at Prince where he lay doubled over holding his stomach and trying to catch his breath.  “I think that hurt.” Second Kai observed.
“I think you’re right.  Didn’t you play Surach the Guild school?  Its something like that Earth Game soccer isn’t it?  I remember you saying something once about you and Jute being the star players.” Third Kai reminded Second Kai.
“Yes. Jute was the offensive front man.  He would break through the opposing team’s defensive line and then I would follow him through and score the goal like this.” Second Kai placed a well aimed kick to the recovering Prince’s ribs which resulted in an audible crunch of breaking bone.
Third Kai added a memory of his own now. “I never had a chance to play team sports.  My mother insisted that I learn personal combat skills.” Prince was painfully heaving himself to his feet.  “I reached Master level at Aka’tai.” He grabbed Prince’s arm and flipped him back to the ground twisting the arm out of the socket at the same time. “Oops.” He said as he relocated the joint causing as much discomfort as possible.
Fourth Kai now spoke, “I remember a game show on Earth, it was called ‘Deal or no Deal’.  So Prince it is decision time.  Do we have a deal or do you get the brace?…Again.”
“Terlara!” Prince gasped.  “They ended up on Terlara.”
“It seems that you are not the only one good with pain.  However when it comes to dealing with pain yourself you are very bad at it.  Thank you Prince. Cheery Bye!”  Fourth Kai said as he and the other Kais walked off leaving Prince curled up in pain on the ground.
Second Kai said  “I guess he didn’t know that we can’t kill him.”
First Kai spoke up “Fourth Kai hasn’t managed to kill you yet, but I noticed you are learning not to get under his skin.  That’s a lesson that only comes with pain, and considering how many times you’ve met the brace it’s obvious that we can feel pain.  I figured Prince would be no different.”
“So I guess this means we are going to Terlara. The name is not familiar.  I never visited any planet named Terlara.” Third Kai said.
“Perhaps the name was changed since the Insect War.”  First Kai thought out loud.  “One thing we humans love to do is change things.”

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*I will try to post a new chapter on Fridays*

Terlara 1000 Years Ago(Drama)
As far as prisons went it was pretty damned cushy Stanley thought to himself but it was still a prison.  He and Xev had been locked in this suite of rooms for three days now.  They had been provided food, a viewscreen, books, anything and everything to entertain them and pass the time but they were not allowed to leave. 
Stanley knew they should have stayed on the LEXX.  But Xev just had to explore this world.  It seemed okay at first.  They flew down in the moth unmolested the problems started when they landed.  First there was the ‘welcoming committee’ a dozen armed men had immediately surrounded the moth and marched them to this building.  Then they stood there while two of the guards argued obviously over what was to be done with them.  One seemed to want to just shoot them the other seemed to be arguing for restraint.  Mr. Restraint had won that battle and they had been here ever since.  Xev was idly watching the viewscreen while he paced.
“Oh sit down Stan. You’re making me tired with your constant pacing.” She said.
They both turned at the sound of the door being unlocked.  It was the one who had been arguing against killing them.  He was followed by a young woman leading another older woman by the arm.  “Ari?” The old woman questioned.  Stanley caught a glimpse of the old woman’s eyes, she was blind.
“A man and a woman. They are alone grandmother.”  Ari led the old woman to the couch and helped her sit.
“I am Dara.  You are not from Terlara, where are you from?” The old woman asked.
“We are from the Light Universe.  It was destroyed.  I am Xev of B3K and this is Stanley Tweedle, the Captain of the LEXX.”
“I have a question to ask you.  Answer it to the best of your ability”
“Has it always been just the two of you?”
“No, Kai was a part of our crew but he died over a year ago.  I mean died for real this time.  Before that he was kind of alive dead.  He was a Divine Assassin but then he got his memory back and kind of just stuck with us.” Stan answered.  “He was the Last of the Brunnen G.” Stan added.
The old woman spoke to the man, “Timor, you were right.  There are the ones we have been waiting for.  I will arrange to speak to the Council of Judges now.  Make sure that they are properly attired to appear.”  Ari took the old woman’s arm and lead her to the door.
The man remained behind.  “I am Timor.  I am the head of the Terlaran Ground Security Force.  It is my honor to serve the Messengers.” He bowed to them.  “Servants will arrive with proper garments befitting your status.  I also apologize for our treatment of you thus far.  But we must protect our people from all threats.  We had to know if you were the ones we have waited for or a deception sent by the enemy.”
“What do you mean the ones you have been waiting for?” Xev asked.
“Grandmother Dara will recite the prophecy before The Council of Judges.”
“Prophecy?  I don’t like the sound of that.   Our experience with Prophecy isn’t all that great Xev.  It usually ends up with you me and Kai facing His Divine Shadow or the Gigashadow or some other incarnation of the Divine Order and Kai isn’t around this time.”
“You are our Messengers from Kai” Timor stated. “You will understand when the Prophecy is recited in the Council .”
Stanley and Xev  were surrounded by an honor guard led by Timor.  They had both changed into the provided clothing.  Xev wore a long white gown trimmed in silver.  A servant girl had arranged her hair in an elaborate updo held in place with silver combs.  Stanley was in a tunic and trousers also in white but trimmed in gold.  They sat on huge carved wooden chairs on a raised dais.  The council chamber was more of an amphitheater and there was not an empty seat to be found.  The old woman Dara stood before a podium in the center of the floor facing the council.  Two men had just brought in a large tome which they placed on the podium.  The old woman opened the book and began flipping through pages occasionally running her hands across them.  She found what she was searching for and now began to run her fingers across the pages reading by feel.  She stopped and began to speak.
“All Terlarans learn as small children of the time of great evil.  Evil so great that it threatened to kill all life on Terlara.  We know of the warriors from the sky who came here bringing us weapons of great power and teaching us to use them.  We were grateful to our saviors our women showed these warriors our gratitude by adding their bloodlines to our own.  These warriors were called Brunnen G.
In time the children of these bloodlines became curious and traveled over a great distance to Brunnis.  They found a world of silence bearing no life. No Brunnen G could be found but their world remained silent and waiting.  It was on this silent world that they received prophecies that would signal the beginning of a new age of evil.”
She now laid her hand back on the book.  “The first Prophecy was filled over a year ago.  ‘You will look up at the night sky and the stars will hide’.  Our scientists reported last year that several stars have vanished.  This is the first portent.
‘When the stars hide look for the messengers.  They will come from the sky bringing a weapon of great destruction taken from the enemy.’
The second portent has been filled.  She turned toward Stanley and Xev.  The messengers walk among us.”
A voice spoke up from the crowd.  “Where is this great weapon? I have seen no weapon.  They are the agents of the enemy!” 
Oh great Stanley thought to himself Mr. ‘Lets Fry them now’ couldn’t have missed this meeting? He spoke “There is a weapon.  Its called the LEXX it’s up there in orbit around this planet right now.”
“There is other proof.” Dara said.  She turned to the council.  “The Scroll of the Ancients bears the names of the Brunnen G who came here.  Let it be brought into the council chamber.  The scroll has been guarded day and night by the warrior priests.  No one has had access to it in thousands of years.  Let it be opened now.”
One of the Judges spoke up.  “For what reason, Dara?  How will this prove that they are the messengers?”
Dara nodded to Timor who set a small box on the floor.  A holographic playback of Dara’s question and Stan’s answer:
“We are from the Light Universe.  It was destroyed.  I am Xev of B3K and this is Stanley Tweedle, the Captain of the LEXX.”
“I have a question to ask you now.  Answer it to the best of your ability”
“Has it always been just the two of you?”
“No, Kai was a part of our crew but he died over a year ago.  I mean died for real this time.  Before that he was kind of alive dead.  He was a Divine Assassin but then he got his memory back and kind of just stuck with us.” Stan answered.  “He was the Last of the Brunnen G.” Stan added.

“Check the Scroll. The name Kai will be there.  I am of the Kai Bloodline.  Timor wears a medallion which has been handed down in our family from father to son since Kai gave it to the woman who bore his son.  The Messengers were led here by Kai himself!”
The Judge spoke up “Send a messenger to the temple.  Tell them that the council requests they bring the Scroll of the Ancients so that it can be opened in council.  We will continue this tomorrow morning.”
Timor, Ari and Dara sat with Stanley and Xev in the suite of rooms that they had been given.
“I know you have questions.  I will try to explain a little less dramatically for you.” Dara said. “You have heard of the Insect War what we call the time of Great Evil.  Our world was a trade ally of Brunnis before the war broke out.  When murmurs of the destruction taking place at the Frontier reached Brunnis, the warrior caste knew that it would spread.  They had experience in fighting the Insects because the great evil had touched Brunnis twice before. 
Because of our long standing relationship with Brunnis; The High Warrior Delegate, Adana and her son, Kai came here to Terlara to meet with the council of judges and warn them of what was about to happen.  Arrangements were made for Kai to return with other warriors to bring us weapons that Brunnis had secretly developed over the years to fight the insects and train our warriors on using them.    A few of the worlds allied with Brunnis had already fallen.  The warrior delegates were arguing in the Matriarch Council on Brunnis to enter the war but too many were more concerned with politics and business as usual than they were with protecting their world.
 Adana was a shrewd woman, she was well versed in not only politics but strategy.  She quietly sent her son back here.  She had determined the strategic value of Terlara and was determined that it would not fall to the Insects. There was another reason for her coming here, Brunnis itself was slowly dying.  There was another secret arrangement made with the council; when the time came to evacuate, warriors would come here and settle making it their home.  They became what we call the warrior priests.  Timor, your medallion please.” The old woman held out her hand.
“Now about Kai.  The stories say he was a fine figure of a man, but then all of the Brunnen G were reported to have been quite handsome.  They were also quite popular with the ladies.  Dava, my ancestor managed to catch Kai’s interest.  In time she ended up carrying his child.  Under normal circumstances that would have been a shameful thing to be pregnant and not married.  Brunnen G did not marry or as they call it mate outside of their own, but the women who gave birth to their children were honored for incorporating the Brunnen G bloodlines into our own.   When the war ended we had Brunnen G technology and children who carried the Brunnen G bloodlines.  Remember we knew Brunnis was dying.
Several years after the war was over Kai came back with two warriors.  He and six others had defied the Matriarch Council who had passed an edict that Brunnis was done with the war unless the insects chose to attack them again.  Adana and the Warrior Delegates had withdrawn from the council when Kai chose to disobey the edict.  The warrior caste announced that they would support Kai and his companions. The warrior caste as one body would share the shame of courage rather than the dishonor of cowardice. 
Kai and his companions had been hunting down the remaining insects and tracked the last two Insects to this general area.  Out of the original seven rebels, only Kai and two others still survived.  They were fighting a war by themselves.   They asked permission stop here to rest and resupply.  Kai searched for Dava and found her.  The Brunnen G lifespan was much longer than ours.  The young woman he had known was now an old woman while Kai was still a middle aged man.  He gave this medallion to Dava and told her that it was time for him to fill a prophecy that he had lived with from birth. 
When Kai and his two companions left, a group of our own Warriors joined them.  Among those warriors were Kai’s own son and grandson.  The Brunnen G would stand together in this fight whether they had been born on Brunnis or here.  The battle was fierce and many lives were lost.  At that time there was a doorway near here.  That doorway led to another universe.  The Insects headed to this portal and a young one slipped through.  Kai’s companions were dead he was the only one of the three that still lived his grandson had also fallen in this battle.  He told his son to bring the remainder of the fighter’s back here and send word to Adana of this doorway. The mature insect was now entering the portal.  Kai flew his fighter into the portal also.  He destroyed his fighter killing the insect and destroying the portal.
Kai’s son sent a message to Adana telling her of her the heroic deaths of her son and great-grandson.  Although she was grieved she was not surprised.  She had been preparing herself for Kai’s death since his birth.  That is when she told us of the prophecy:
‘Kai will be the hand of destruction as Kai was in the past and will be in each cycle of time.’
She told her grandson to remember the Prophecy because the day would come when it would become our own.
And that is our story.  Now it’s time to share your story so that we may fill the gap in time from the disappearance of the Brunnen G to your arrival here.  That is the message that you bring us.”
Xev thought for a moment.  “Perhaps you should know about us first so it will make sense when we tell you how we met Kai.  I suppose you could say that we were ‘criminals’.  I grew up in a box on the planet B3K in the Wife Bank.  My parents were disappointed at the fat ugly daughter they had and gave me to the wife bank.  Stanley and Kai are the first real people I had ever known.   All my teachers were holograms.  When I finally graduated a marriage was arranged for me.  I was not a very good student because I punched my ‘husband’ in the temple and was convicted of failing to perform my wifely duties.  I was sentenced to being turned into a love slave on The Cluster.  The transformation was interrupted by a cluster lizard, a carnivorous predator.   I got the physical transformation, the accelerated libido and the DNA of the cluster lizard that interrupted the transformation but I did not get the mental programming.  The robot head 790 that was in charge of my transformation got that part.  Stanley, your turn.”
“I was an Assistant Deputy Back up Courier with the Ostrel B Heretics who were fighting His Divine Shadow and the Divine Order.  I was carrying codes embedded in my teeth and got captured by Sub-nebulan mercenaries who turned me over to the Divine Order on the Cluster.  The Divine Order used the codes in my tooth to grow the LEXX among other things.   I earned the title of Arch Traitor when they used the codes to attack and destroy 94 reformed planets.  They kept me around in case they ever needed more information making me a security Guard Class 4.  Another heretic named Thodin had stolen the key to the LEXX and was ‘captured’ by the Divine Order but he was really there to steal LEXX.  We ran into him just as he and the other heretics were getting ready to board the LEXX.  There was a lot of confusion going on and I ended up with the Key to the LEXX.  That’s how we met Kai.  His orders were to kill the heretics attempting to steal the LEXX.”
“This Divine Order does not sound like something the Brunnen G would be a part of” Timor said.
“Kai didn’t have a choice, maybe we should have started with his story.” Xev said “Kai came from a planet called Brunnis 2.  His ancestors had come from Brunnis here in the Dark Zone when they realized that Brunnis would no longer support them.  But they kept much of their knowledge and history of the Insect War.  When they got to Brunnis 2 they cut themselves off from the rest of the Light Universe because of war and built a huge shield around their world.  They learned the secret of immortality.  But they became soft and decadent.  Only the newborns as they were called carried anything of the Brunnen G who had led mankind in the Insect War.  Kai was a newborn which was anyone under 40 years old.
Kai and some of the other newborns discovered weak spots in the shield. He left brunnis 2 and found a woman known as the  Time Prophet.  She told him the The Divine Order would destroy Brunnis 2 but that the last of the Brunnen G would destroy the Divine Order.  When he got back to Brunnis he told the people what he had learned.  They blamed him for bringing the Divine Order’s attention to Brunnis by crossing the shield.  He was convicted of Treason and given the most horrible punishment a Brunnen G could receive, death by aging. 
However his mate freed him from prison and along with some of the other Newborns, they faced the most powerful weapon of the Divine Order in ancient fighters that were left over from the Insect War.  They all died and Brunnis2 was destroyed, Kai was the last to die.  His Divine Shadow stole Kai’s memory as he was dying and then gave his body to the Biovizers who turned him into a Divine Assassin and reprogrammed him to follow the orders of His Divine Shadow.  For the next  2000 years Kai was a mindless killer for His Shadow and the Shadows that followed.  Then he was sent after us when we stole the LEXX.  Before he could kill us he was interrupted by an attack on the Divine Predecessors, the still living brains of Former his Shadows.  His first order was to protect them, that’s when he got his memory back.  His Divine Shadow had followed Kai to the LEXX and Kai refused to fill the second part of the order which was to kill us.  Kai ended up battling the Divine Shadow.  Stanley and I started killing the brains of the Divine Predecessors, that distracted His Shadow and Kai killed him and we escaped into the Dark Zone.”
 “There is a second Prophecy which Adana gave to her grandson.  It was recorded in the Scroll of Ancients and our own family history.” Dara explained
 “Brunnis will die.  You will search for us but we will not be here.  Our children will travel a vast distance to establish a new home world.  Do not look for them , theirs is a different path.  Their path ends in destruction.  They will be the last of the Brunnen G as you now know them.  The Kai bloodline has split into two. 
The first bloodline will travel to this new world.  The end of their time comes when Kai is born.  Kai will face this great evil.  He will face it with only two who were to have died by his hand at his side.  They will win the battle but it will rise again. Kai will defeat it again with the help of the two.  It will rise a third time and it will destroy a universe.  The evil will infect this universe.
The second bloodline is yours my Pordyan grandson.  Kai will send the two to you on Pordyah, their arrival signals the beginning of the next time of Great Evil.  Study the weapon they bring you and learn to reproduce it.  They are Kai’s messengers, they know of the Great evil which you will face, they have faced it and destroyed a universe to stop it.  It is now you who will stand in the Brunnen G’s place.” 
Dara explained one more thing.  “Back then our world was known as Pordyah which translates into ‘people of the soil’.  Adana came here a few years after Kai’s death bringing with her half of the warrior caste.  The other half remained on Brunnis under the leadership of her daughter.  The Council of Judges renamed our world Terlara which means ‘new blood’.

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Great stories !! Keep up the fantastic work !!

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Thanks Maya.  I'm having so much fun with 4 Kais!


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Since there's basically two separate storylines here at this point I will post a chapter from each every week they will converge down the line as the Xev/Stanley storyline catches up the the Kais storyline.  This way I don't have to keep doing flashbacks.  Besides the 4 Kais are turning out to be rather humorous.  So I'll post the Stanley Xev chapter first on Friday then the 4 Kai's Chapter. on Saturday or Sunday


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The Revelations of Kai
“So why didn’t you ever choose a mate?”Fourth Kai asked Third Kai.
“My choices on Brunnis were limited.  The different castes were very cliquish.   Birth clan did not really matter by the time I was born, joinings tended to be determined by caste.  The daughter of a warrior would only mate with a warrior and so forth.  That knocked out most of the women right there and the Prophecy took care of the rest.  The daughters of warriors didn’t really see me, they saw the prophecy.  Tell me how many women who threw themselves at you over the years actually saw Kai, the man you were, and how many were just attracted to the Divine Assassin?”
“Xev didn’t see me at first but in time I believe she came to see the man instead of the Assassin.  Perhaps if you had given them time they would have come to see you.” Fourth Kai observed.
“Perhaps but by then it was too late, I had already met a girl named Dava.  All Dava every saw in me was the man.  Other than my mother and sister women tended to either fear me or worship me.  The first time I met Dava was when my mother and I made the trip to Pordyah to negotiate the Brunnen G training of their people.  It was before the destruction of Duha’naur.  Dava’s father a member of the Council of Judges, offered us the hospitality of his home.  The first night for dinner she served me a plate of Odo peppers.  When I could finally breathe again everyone at the table was laughing including my mother.  Dava was in tears laughing at the dangerous Brunnen G warrior trying desperately to put out the fire on his tongue.  She was all of 17 years old but brave enough to risk my wrath for a prank. 
I led the group of warriors that returned 7 years later bringing weapons and scheduled to train them for the next year.  We had been there a couple of days, just finishing settling in when Dava showed up bearing a box full of Odo peppers for me.   She was a woman grown but still full of mischief.  She never feared me even when I tried to intimidate her by acting the warrior.  She would just smile and say ‘Save it for someone who is scared of you.’  Others may have shared my body but she owned my heart.  She was the mother of the only one of those children I had scattered around the universe that I ever met. He was a grown man with a grown son of his own when I met him after I had defied the Council and left Brunnis for the last time. 
Pordyah was the last stop we made before I faced the Gigashadow.  The lifespan of the Pordyah was much shorter than a Brunnen G’s.  I was as I am now, but Dava was an old woman just as frail and wrinkled as First Kai.  Most people would have assumed that I was her son, not her lover.  When I looked at her I did not see an old woman but the young woman who defied me, stood up to me and often made me the victim of her pranks. I spent two days with her before the last battle.  I gave her my clan badge it was the closest I could come to joining with her.
There were just three of us left, we all knew that this was the final battle and the thought of failure was heavy on our minds.   Three dragon fighters against two insects and one of them was the Gigashadow.  We were preparing to leave when a full squad of Pordyan warriors joined us.  Two men approached me, one of middle age the other not quite out of his teens younger even than Second Kai.  The older man was wearing my clan badge, he was Tano, my son.  The youth with him was Timor, the oldest of his sons.  The entire squad was made up of the sons and grandsons of the ten of us who had come 50 years earlier to train the Pordyans.  They wanted the chance to fight beside their fathers.  We welcomed them as warriors. We sang many along the path to the Dream Zone during that battle including young Timor.  Soon it was just the wounded Gigashadow left and attempting to go through the fractal core.  I ordered Tano to return to Pordyah and notify my mother of the fractal core and then, I did what I had to do.”
“Your grandson died bravely.” Fourth Kai said.  Third Kai’s grief was evident.
“His bloodline was Kai.  Cowards are few and far between in our line.” Third Kai responded.  “This is why we go to Pordyah.”
 “Why did First Kai pair us up for this search?” Fourth Kai questioned to change the subject.
“Because by now Second Kai would have gotten on your nerves and you would have braced him into a pile of body parts it would take the next 100 years to piece back together .” Third Kai laughed.  “Actually he intends to have a talk with Second Kai and I have been given my marching orders to have a talk with you.  You and Second Kai spend too much time at each other’s throats.  It has to end.  You have no patience where he is concerned.  It’s because he reminds you of things you’d rather not think about.  You went through the purging, the child did not lie.  The guilt and shame are gone.  You have to face and accept what you are, a Divine Assassin. 
It’s what you contribute to us.  Each of us received something from Rakais, but each of us also gives something back.  All of us give some specific talent to KAI.  First Kai was a master strategist.  His aptitude for battle planning is off the scale.  Second Kai has an instinct for aerial combat that any predatory bird would envy.  My mother started teaching me politics and how to manipulate others into my way of thinking before I learned how not to soil my diapers.  But none of us could have killed His Shadow, he was in a human body.  For all our gifts no other Kai has ever taken a human life no matter how evil, we are incapable of it.  That is what you contribute, the ability to kill another human being.” 
“It is not those I killed under the direction of His Shadow that haunt me.” Fourth Kai said. “It is the other…deaths. “
“What other deaths?  Those you killed to protect Stanley and Xev?” Third Kai asked. “Stanley and Xev have a role to fill, Rakais planned a path for them also.  Why do you think fate intervened when you were about to kill them?  It was not just chance that brought all of you to that place at that time.  She placed them in your care.  You did what she required, you safeguarded them.”
“No those deaths were also necessary.  It is the other deaths, the ones that served no purpose.  A group of innocent teenagers; Tad, Kanana, Gribble, Laleen and Enox.  I killed them all.  There was no purpose to their deaths.  Just a stupid kid talking to hear himself talk.  But when he told me to kill, all I could do was follow the order.  When he said ‘have fun’ I enjoyed it.  I was programmed to follow the orders I received. I would have killed Stanley and Xev too.  I had the axe in my hand raised to strike.”
“What saved them?” Third Kai asked.  He had often peeked in on Fourth Kai’s ‘life’ and knew that he was relentless when he targeted someone.
“I ran out of protoblood.” Fourth Kai replied.  “They put me back in the cryropod and when they woke me I was back to normal.  I had no more desire to kill them.  But just that easily I was once again under the control of a death order, my will could not overcome it.  I was aware of what I was doing but powerless to stop myself from doing what I had been ordered to do.  I can’t blame that on His Shadow.”
“You’re afraid of losing control again aren’t you?” Third Kai figured it out.  “That’s not an issue now.  You don’t sleep in a cryopod and you aren’t dependent on programming and protoblood.  But more importantly you are connected to KAI just as we all are.   You can relax and put that out of your mind. We need what you are.  KAI needs what you are.”  Third Kai placed his hand on the younger Kai’s shoulder.   “You have drawn on our abilities and talents over and over again through the years.  Fifth Kai has the ability to do the same.  Mantrid is insect, machine and human.  What if he exists in a human body in this cycle?  Fifth Kai will need the ability to kill another human.   I can’t give that ability, no Kai can give that ability except you.  Without it Fifth Kai will be helpless against Mantrid if he manifests as a human in this cycle.”
First Kai was not impressed with Dagos.  The planet was filthy and run down.  The people were rude.  Calling it a dump would have been entirely too generous.  “These people have no pride in their world or themselves.”
“I guess you did not visit Brunnis right before the Exodus.  It was not much better.  The only difference was the lack of garbage piled in the streets of Brunnis, but the architecture was allowed to fall into ruins for the most part and other than the warrior caste people had no thought except for themselves.  It was easy to see how they could have fallen so low by the time of Fourth Kai, they were already well on their way before they had left Brunnis.” Second Kai said sadly.  “When the warriors withdrew from the Matriarch Council it seems things just went downhill.”
“Warriors live by a code of honor and pride is a big part of that code.” First Kai replied.  “Well we’ve pretty much covered this planet.  Let’s get back and wait for Third and Fourth.  Speaking of which, we need to address this animosity between you and Fourth Kai.  The two of you are going to have to work this out somehow.  Whatever is to come, all of us will have to be united.  You seem to take a perverse pleasure in grating on his nerves and you are quite good at it.  He then takes a great deal of pleasure in chopping body parts off of you which he is quite good at.  So tell me, what is the problem?”
“I don’t know maybe it’s because he is so….old. I don’t mean his physical body.  He was only about 10 years older than me when he died the first time but he walked around on that mortal plane for over 6000 years.   I guess it’s just unnerving to have someone who looks so much like me be so damned stuffy and well…dead.  It’s like there’s no life in him.  He walks around with that serious face on all the time, I guess just once I’d like to see him crack.  See some proof that he was human at some point.”
“You have to remember out of those 6000 years he was only capable of true emotion for less than 40.  Expressing emotion is difficult for him.  Only Third Kai seems to be able to get through to him, but Third Kai acted as his guide when he reached The Other Zone.  Third Kai was also at his side when he went through the purging because of the time he spent serving the Divine Order.  From what Third Kai told me of this purging I don’t think any of us could have faced what he went through.  Even with my explosive temper I never took the life of another human being, hurt a few but never killed one. 
He killed hundreds under the control of the Divine Order and had to face every one of those he had killed during the purging.  Men, women and children even newborn babes, and he had to acknowledge each and every one of them that died by his hand.  He was purged of the guilt and shame but had nothing to replace it with.  Your barbs often touch on his time as an assassin, you pour salt on an open wound.  Let it be and find something else to tease him about.  The wound you poke at is one that needs to heal.  Let it be so that it can.  He needs to embrace the assassin, it’s why I encouraged him to alter his appearance to go back to what it was when he was a Divine Assassin.”
“Hey old one, are you trying to say that we are weaker than Fourth Kai?” Second Kai asked.
“In this yes, none of us could kill another human being.  We couldn’t force ourselves to do it on pain of eternal agony, but he can do it without thinking.  I don’t mind death, I am a man who lived for the kill.  Those who said I had a taste for insect blood were right.  Before the war got in full swing I drove Lynna crazy worrying about me.  I would take off for days with a little food and my weapons and hunt insects down in their burrows.  I suppose I should count myself lucky.  But the point is I can kill at the drop of a hat if it’s an insect but another man, I could not take his life.  And you my boy are the weakest of us in this.” First Kai gave him a serious look.  “Out of all of us you are the most…squeamish”
“What do you mean squeamish?” Second Kai asked with indignation.  “I am not squeamish.”
“You can’t handle death up close and personal.  At a distance yes but close enough to touch?  It’s not in your make-up.  Third Kai is practical enough to kill an insect with his bare hands if necessary, he would just prefer not to.  You would still be trying to make yourself kill the insect while it was eating you.  You just weren’t meant to go head to head in that way.  Put you in a dragon fighter, let you blow them to little bits from a distance and you’re in your element.  You don’t have to get close enough to look at what’s left.  That’s something you may have to work on.  Until we know what is required of us, we all had better get ourselves in a frame of mind to do what we have to do.  Like it or not.”
Third and Fourth Kai stood on the fringes of the crowd listening to the old man who stood on a platform in its center.   
“Terlara will not bow to a tyrant!  We will not worship some Emperor who is no more a god than any of us!  We will hold to our beliefs and our faith!  We know the punishment for losing faith and stepping off the path of righteousness!  The messengers told us how the chosen people fell from grace when they turned from the path.  They came here to tell us centuries ago just as they told us to prepare for the day when the great evil would visit us again.  That day has come! The evil comes!”
The crowd yelled its agreement. 
“Pray for the coming of the one.  The one promised to lead us in these days of darkness.  Go into the Temple of Warriors, lift your voices in supplication so that the One may hear and come to us!”
The crowd started filing into the Temple behind the old man.  “Well I guess its ‘go to worship’ time. Third Kai remarked as they followed the crowd inside.  The huge room was filled to capacity.  At the front of the room was an altar bearing three white candles, a red candle and a black candle.
A priest lit the first white candle and the crowd chanted:
“A warrior’s only possession of worth is his honor, I will act with honor at all times even when honor demands my actions be contrary to what others may think is right.” 
He lit the second white candle:
“I will act with honor even when it conflicts with my own interests, the well being of my people is more important than my own.”  Chanted the crowd.
He lit the third white candle:
 “I will use all the tools and gifts I possess as a warrior to protect my people, I will stand and fight beside my fellow warriors to my last breath. I will avenge the fallen as my brothers and sisters of the Bloodlines will avenge me.”
“We are the Brunnen G.  The Warriors Code is the path of our life.  Three candles of honor seal our vow.”
He bowed as he lit the red candle “We light the red candle in honor of the lost bloodlines of Brunnis, the ancestors we embrace and claim by choice or blood.  You are the embodiment of man’s struggle for survival through history.  We of the Brunnis Bloodlines honor and remember you.”  Everyone knelt down placing their foreheads to the floor except for three rows of people at the very front of the crowd.
As the final candle, the black one was lit those in front chanted “We light the black candle in honor of Kai, Last of the Brunnen G, In honor of Kai who founded our bloodline on Terlara, In honor of Kai who saved our Ancestors from being destroyed on Brunnis, In honor of Kai who first taught us to fight the Great Evil. We carry your blood with pride, we strive to live up to the responsibility of the blood we bear.  The Bloodline of Kai honors and remembers you.”
“Kai is the hand of destruction as Kai was in the past and will be again in each cycle of time.” the crowd chanted as they all lowered their foreheads to the floor. “Kai is the hand of destruction as Kai was in the past and will be again in each cycle of time. “ And they bowed again repeating the movement and the prophecy again and again.
The Second Meeting of the Kais
“You have got to be shitting me!” First Kai howled with laughter.
Second Kai was reduced to rolling on the floor holding his sides after falling out of his chair.
“Blessed be the bun and brace!” Third Kai said in tears from laughing.
Fourth Kai added “May the mercy of the sacred sperm donor fall upon you!” He collapsed in a fit of giggles.
“We’re a freaking religion!” First Kai said trying to control his laughter.  “Boys, I think we found what we were looking for.” The four Kais started laughing all over again.

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I loved the golf reference in the first chapter and the bantering/joking between the Kais.  Looks like Prince can really feel pain, so death isn't painless after all.

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As it develops a lot of the series is going to creep in.  There are lots of dots just begging to be connected.

The Kais have sort of taken on a life of their own.  They are all developing their own personalities.


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The Scroll of the Ancients
The Council of Judges had reconvened.  Stanley and Xev were once again in their carved seats surrounded by their honor guard.  Everyone was awaiting the opening of the scroll.  Several robed and hooded figures had entered taking up positions on each side of the door.  They were followed by acolytes carrying a medium sized chest inlaid with gold silver and what looked to be very valuable gemstones.  Finally one last richly robed figure had entered.   The robed man stepped forward and pulled back his hood.  He was identical to Timor.
“This chest was sealed thousands of years ago upon the death of Our warrior mother Adana of Brunnis.  It contains the Scroll of the Ancients and the personal belongings of Adana herself.   It was Adana’s last order that this chest be sealed to be opened when in the passing of time The Messengers appeared.”  He unlocked the chest and opened the lid.  He reached inside and pulled out something wrapped in dark cloth and set it to the side.  Now he reached in and pulled out a large rolled parchment sealed with wax.  He held it up. “The Scroll of the Ancients. Rather than read the entire scroll I will read the part that interests you.’
He carefully broke the wax seal and unrolled the scroll began to read:
“Warrior Delegate Kai of Brunnis delivered in good faith the promised weapons and pilots to provide training to Pordyan Security Forces.” Signed and Agreed by the Council of Judges and Warrior Delegate Kai of Brunnis, proxy of High Warrior Delegate Adana of Brunnis.”
One of the Council members held up his hand. “You have confirmed what we needed confirmed.  The name Kai is indeed recorded in the Scroll of the Ancients.  Kai did indeed set foot on our world. The Messengers walk among us.” The Council all stood as did the crowd. 
The robed man now walked to where Xev and Stanley sat and bowed deeply to them.  “My brother Timor has had the honor of serving you as head of the Terlaran Ground Security Force.  I am Tano, Head of the Temple of Warriors.  It is my honor now to serve you also.  Quarters have been prepared for you at the temple.  He gestured to the robed men flanking the doors who now approached them.  “In addition to the honor guard of the ground forces these warrior priests will also protect you.  Each of them traces their bloodline back to the warriors who originally came here to train our people.   Kai sent you to us, as you were in his care before you are in our care now.  We welcome you to Terlara.” He bowed once again and then returned to the makeshift altar.
“Timor wears the badge of the Kai bloodline originally given to Dava by Kai of Brunnis.” He picked up the cloth wrapped item he had set aside earlier.  “Our Warrior Mother Adana also wore the badge of the Kai bloodline.  This badge signifies that our bloodline has existed throughout the ages from the time of the Great Brunnen G Warlord Kai.  It was Adana’s wish that her badge remain sealed in this chest until the arrival of the Messengers.  The arrival of the messengers signals the rebirth of the Brunnen G Warrior Caste.  She ordered that the occasion be marked by the return of her badge to be worn by the highest ranking Warrior Priest of the Kai bloodline.”
Timor walked over to his twin brother and took the Clan badge in his hand.  Timor pinned the badge to Tano’s robe.  Dara spoke loudly “And so the time of Great Evil begins.”
If the old quarters Xev and Stanley were given could be considered posh, their new quarters were down right palatial.  “Is everything to your liking?” Tano asked.
“It’s beautiful, thank you.” Xev replied.  “Can we go out now or do we have to stay here?  I want to explore your world.”
“You may go where you wish Xev, but you will be accompanied by an honor guard of both Ground Security Forces and Warrior Priests.  Tano or I will also personally accompany you.  We have a sacred duty to protect you.  This is the beginning of the time of Great Evil.  That evil will work now to secure its power base.  Killing you and Stanley would go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.  You have faced this evil at the side of Kai, The Last of the Brunnen G, the only survivor of the Lost Bloodlines of Brunnis.  The knowledge you carry is dangerous to our enemy.” Timor said.
“I can take care of myself, Timor.  I’m not helpless.” Xev replied
“Yeah she’s part Cluster Lizard.  If anyone get’s in her way she’ll just eat their brain.” Stan added.
“You would not have stood by Kai’s side if you were helpless.  But we also know that both of you have stood with Kai on the path to the Dream Zone but Kai would not let you pass.  It is recorded in Adana’s personal journal.”  Tano spoke.
Dara now spoke up.  “I feel I should warn you both, trust only myself, Ari, Tano and Timor.  You are the key to the defeat of the great evil.  Kai’s death stopped it for now and has bought us time.  This is Adana’s personal journal.  Through it we know much about you already.  Adana wrote down much about the three of you.

Adana’s Journal Part 1
This is the last time I write my thoughts in my home.  Tomorrow myself and half of our caste travel to Pordyah.  This is a bittersweet time.  My mate has finally stepped onto the path to the Dream Zone.  Kai waits there to welcome him.  Brunnis is slowly dying.  The scientists have finally figured out that the end is near.  They are searching for another fractal core.  The plan is for our people to escape and find a new home free of the insect threat.  They are destined for failure, the insects await us there.  I grieve to know what will happen to them at the hands of the insects.  They will extract a terrible price not only from the Brunnen G but from the line of Kai which passes through me and my daughter.  I wonder if Bann the Demented understood what he set in motion all those eons ago when he dedicated his son to Rakais, if he knew the price that would be paid by the sons of his line?  And the daughters?  To bring life into the world knowing that the babes we suckled at our breasts would be sacrificed to the struggle between forces that move us about like pieces in some game of strategy. 
My own son Kai has sacrificed himself far from his home but in his sacrifice he gave me a gift of immeasurable worth, a  grandson, Tano.  I will not be alone on Pordyah but welcomed by a family that sprang from my son’s loins through Dava.  She would have been a fitting mate for my son had she been born Brunnen G.  I have seen the strength that will run through that bloodline, strength that will be missing in the bloodline of my daughter. 
I despair of the long line of cowards she will produce.  Only one of her line will truly be Brunnen G.  His birth will set In motion the destruction of all that is Brunnen G.   Just like my own son he will be born the hand of destruction and he will be sacrificed to this long drawn out struggle.  I grieve for this child of my line, his burden is unthinkable.  He will pay a heavy price for the Brunnen G.   He will become something we cannot imagine, something it is impossible for us to become; a killer of other men.  No Brunnen G has ever taken the life of a human, and he will take many.  Even knowing that this is necessary, it sends a pain into my heart and that is only the beginning of this child’s torment.

Stanley set the journal down as Xev came into the sitting room carrying a tray of fruit.  The words of Kai’s grandmother with who knows how many greats in front of it were full of pain.  This woman grieved for Kai the son she gave birth to and for the Kai who would not be born for centuries.  
 “Have you read anything that would be important to us yet?” She asked as she settled onto the couch curling her legs beneath her.
“Only that our Kai was the first Brunnen G to kill another human being.   They were incapable of doing something so ‘horrific’.  And Adana carried a lot of grief for her son and for our Kai.”  Stanley picked the Journal up and started reading again this time out loud.
Through him the Brunnen G will become something other than we have known, just as the enemy will become something other than we have known. I sense that there are other forces that will enter the battle this time, forces that have remained neutral until this time.  This Kai is the beginning of the end of all we know.
I fear the path of this Kai. He will stand in two worlds, the world of life and the world of death.  He will become the thing that disturbs our sleep, the shadow that stalks us in our dreams.   The name Kai will be used by mother’s to control their unruly children.  He will become a relentless, remorseless killer of his fellow man.  He will kill in the name of the insects, and no one will find mercy in him. 
Everyone the insects mean to die by his hand will die except for two. Fate will intervene.  Instead of his victims, they will become his allies and together they will face and defeat the insect order and steal the mighty weapon of destruction the insects create to exterminate mankind.

“That would be us. When we stole the LEXX” Stanley said.
The three of them will stand in the village of Duha’naur, where this struggle first began.  They will release our world from its living death and allow new life to flourish and grow in its place. That will be the final death of all that is Brunnen G.  Except for the knowledge that travels with us to Pordyah, all that we ever were will be destroyed.  Kai will be the catalyst that causes the destruction.
“That must be when we visited Brunnis.” Xev remarked.
The destruction of our world will trigger the rebirth of our long standing enemy.  In a form that my son  knew well, the Gigashadow.  Once again Kai and the two will face the insect order.    This child of my line will bear the burden of carrying that which we have fought so hard to destroy within him.  Through him the enemy will reborn in a new form.  The enemy fears Kai and will seek to destroy him.  I do know that this is a mistake on the part of the enemy. Kai in death is stronger than Kai in life.
The two allies will come to Pordyah,  bringing the weapon and news of Kai’s death. They will solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Brunnen G. They have both stood before Kai on the Path to the Dream Zone and he blocked their way.  They know the enemy you will face, Kai sent them back to come to you even as he will die to stop the evil from spreading before its time.

“They call dying walking the path to the Dream Zone.  You died on Water Stan.” Xev said.
“Vlad also killed you.  How did Adana know all this?  But from what this journal says we were meant to come here.”  Stan said.  “But Kai died destroying the asteroid carrying Lyekka and her sister’s, not fighting  insects.  You stomped Mantrid’s little cube thingy to bits when we first came back to the Dark Zone. I think maybe we need to tell them how Kai died.” 
 “So it wasn’t insects that caused Kai’s death.  It was Lyekka’s sisters.  They had already tried to kill us before Kai died.” Stan said. 
“What exactly is a Lyekka?” Tano asked
“She was a plant.  She looked like a girl I knew a long time ago but she was well, smooth round the bend.”
“Smooth round the bend?” Timor questioned.
She didn’t have  you know, ‘girl parts’.”
“Ooohhhhh.” The twins nodded in understanding.
“So it was Lyekka that killed Kai and it is Lyekka that is the great evil that we must face.” Tano concluded.  “It is good that you have told us this.  It has always before been the insects, but the Warrior Mother Adana did say that the enemy would be something other than we knew this time.”
The hooded guard nodded at those he passed on the way back to his cell. He was deep in thought, considering what he had learned, serving as ‘honor guard’ to the messengers. Who knew that the Last of the Brunnen G would prove to be so easy to kill.  He was created to be indestructible.  He did not know this name Prince but he was grateful since it was Prince’s interference that ultimately caused the death of Kai.  He had feared the existence of the LEXX, of Kai.  The Last Brunnen G was dead.  The home world of the Brunnen G had been destroyed.  The long battle that had started so long ago when one warrior had killed so many of his kind was over, The Brunnen G were all gone but he still lived.  Although these people claimed to be Brunnen G they were simply an allied world of Brunnis centuries ago.  Many people on many worlds claimed to be Brunnen G but Kai was the last of that lot. 
Killing Stanley and Xev now would be a mistake.  They had unknowingly done him a great service.  Kai’s death was blamed on the plant lady and Xev and Stanley had convinced the Terlarans that it was Lyekka that was the threat.   He would let them reinforce the idea of that threat.  He could now formulate plans that would make him the master of this universe.
He opened the door to his cell.  Creating the Lyekka asteroid was a stroke of genius on his part.  Although it was strictly done as a decoy it had resulted in freeing him of the threat of Kai.  Just as his cube discovered on the LEXX immediately after arriving in the Dark Zone was a decoy created to allow him to escape the LEXX.  The defeat at the hands of Kai and the humans was still fresh in his mind.  He had allowed fear to rule his actions.  Now he had nothing to fear. He was ‘dead’ . 
The three parts of him had fully integrated into a single entity.  That entity now had a new goal.  He would not eliminate mankind he would subjugate them.   He would make them dependent on him.  And then he would toy with them, terrorize them, torture them.  The human part of him was capable of great cruelty and was already thinking of the many ways he would make humanity suffer to satisfy the insect part of him.  The machine part of him was already plotting the strategy that would make this possible. 
Stanley and Xev had provided the basis of the plan by telling the Terlarans about Lyekka. He had the perfect nemesis to send against mankind and unite them under one leader.  Mantrid had learned all he needed to know, it was time to leave this world and begin building his empire.

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Kais in the Temple(Comedy/Drama)
Third and Fourth Kai were explaining the Terlaran ‘religion’ to First and Second Kai.   “It is a complicated belief system.  There are three Pantheons of ‘holy beings.’”   Third Kai explained.  “The first is the ‘Pantheon Major’, that would be us. What they call the ‘Four Incarnations of Kai’.  The next highest is the ‘Pantheon Femina’.  These are my mother Adana , Lynna who is considered the mother of warriors, Xev Bellringer and the last is Dava, the mother of my son Tano.”
Fourth Kai now picked up the explanation.  “The ‘Pantheon Minor’  includes Stanley Tweedle, Timor the Greater who was Third Kai’s grandson, Timor the Lesser who was Xev’s husband, the warriors who fell in Third Kai’s final battle and what they call the ‘Lost Bloodlines of Brunnis’, those who died when Brunnis 2 was destroyed.  Over the years The Temple of Warriors which started off as a way for the warriors who came here with Adana to hold to their Brunnen warrior traditions has evolved into this ‘religion’ of Kai worship.”
“It’s completely crazy.” Third Kai agreed. “Somebody sneezes on Terlara and everyone says ‘May Kai block your path to the Dream Zone’.  It’s a complete farce.  It’s hard to believe these people were the Pordyans.  They are all brainwashed into believing this whole ‘Kai’ legend.  Everyone worships The Pantheon Major.  The Pantheon Femina is sort of like intermediaries.  People pray to them to influence us to hear their prayers.  But bloodline determines who they will worship in the Pantheon Minor, they are like personal gods.”
Fourth Kai agreed. “This family may worship Stanley Tweedle and their neighbors may worship one of the Timors or the dead of Brunnis2.  They celebrate three major holy feasts.  Each feast lasts for a week.  The First Feast of Arrival commemorates Adana’s arrival with half the warrior caste from Brunnis.  The Second Feast of Arrival commemorates Stanley and Xev’s arrival and then there is the Feast of Departure.”
“Feast of Departure?” First and Second Kai questioned.
“That one commemorates me blowing myself into oblivion.” Third Kai responded with disgust.  “Men can only worship in the morning in sessions led by a Priest.  In the afternoon the women worship in sessions led by a priestess.  I won’t even start on the rituals they have.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they have a ritual for farting.  The thing is that they have taken history and fact mixed it up with prophecy, superstition and ritual and created this fairy tale of a religion.”
First Kai now shocked them all by saying “They are not far off the mark in some ways.  There are four incarnations of KAI and we each are one of the four.  And now a fifth incarnation has been chosen. That they seem to be ‘devout’ is also to our favor since it means they will probably see Fifth Kai as some sort of a messiah. We just need to make sure that the faith does not wane.    We influence them to cling even harder to their ‘religion’.”
“Okay.  So how do we influence them?” Second Kai asked.
First Kai replied.  “Talk to the priests.  I know from experience with my father,  a priest lives for their ‘God’ to speak to them.”
“Come on, can’t we give it up now?  Three worship sessions and your priest hasn’t heard a single word his god has told him.” Second Kai said to First Kai. “It’s just not working.”
The Kais were gathered at the back of the temple.  Three all male worship sessions were over.  The women’s worship sessions were just getting under way.  The Kais had tried yelling at the priests.   They tried throwing things which did not work since they could not physically affect anything around them.  Fourth Kai had even attempted to brace a few all to no avail.  They remained unseen and unnoticed.
“We’ll try one more time during this session. Perhaps a priestess will be more open to us.  If it doesn’t work this time we’ll try to figure out something else.”
The priestess had gotten to the lighting of the black candle, the one dedicated to the Four Incarnations of Kai.   As she touched flame to wick, a heavily pregnant woman standing in the back of the crowd suddenly gasped and started to collapse.  All four Kais instinctively reached out to catch her and felt…KAI.  They all gasped in shock. “She carries Fifth Kai!”
The congregation of women all turned in alarm at hearing the combined voice of four Kais filling the temple.  Being a woman’s service no men were allowed in the temple.  What they all saw was a young very pregnant woman clutching her stomach and being gently lowered to the floor by an unseen force.   The Priestess left the altar and hurried to the young woman through the parting crowd, she saw what they did not, four men surrounding the woman and lowering her to the floor.
“Sisters!  Bring a cloak to place beneath her head.”
Another woman hurried over and placed her cloak under the pregnant woman’s head.  The priestess noticed she was kneeling on the foot of a very young man or rather kneeling though his foot.  He was holding the pregnant woman’s hand.  The three other men all looked like this young one but at various ages.  The Four Incarnations of Kai surrounded this woman like anxious fathers.  It could only mean one thing.
She motioned over an acolyte.  “Clear the temple and call a midwife. “ She motioned at another acolyte. “Clear the altar and place clean linens on it.  Pad it well.  Also bring out the finest cloth we have to wrap this babe.”  She turned to a third acolyte.  “Notify the High Priest. This woman was brought into our midst by the Four Incarnations, they hover about her now. This child is the one we have prayed for.”
“She can see us.” Third Kai said in amazement.
She bowed down placing forehead to the floor.  “I can also hear the words of the Pantheon Major.  I am humbled by the honor you bestow on me.  Our Temple is humbled by the honor of welcoming the one.  We give thanks to you for bringing us the one.”
Fourth Kai said “Please get up.  We are not the one you should thank, we are simply the ones who were chosen.  Just like the baby about to be born.”  The Priestess stood but still kept her eyes averted.  Acolytes were now helping the woman to her feet as Second Kai let go of the woman’s hand.   Fourth Kai turned and followed the acolytes toward the altar.
“We have been trying to get the attention of the priests all morning.  Who knew all we needed was a pregnant woman going into labor.” Second Kai said.
First Kai looked at the Priestess standing there.  “You will pass the following words to your priests.  Tell them these words come directly from the Pantheon Major. This child will be named Kai, he is the Fifth ‘Incarnation’.” First Kai said.
“He is as we are.  He is the hand of destruction chosen by Rakais.” Third Kai said.
First Kai nodded. “This child is the living incarnation of KAI. He is the physical manifestation of the Goddess Rakais’ wrath against those who would destroy her creation, mankind.  He has been chosen to lead the Brunnen G in the fight against the Great Evil.  When he is old enough, let your best most skilled warriors take charge of his education.  Teach him everything there is to know of war and battle.”
Second Kai spoke up. “He is also by right of birth a part of the Pantheon Major, but do not spoil him.  Treat him as you would any other child of Terlara.  Let him enjoy his childhood while he can.  He will be called to take on the responsibilities of an adult soon enough.  We will also be watching over him.”
A baby’s cry filled the temple from the altar where Fifth Kai had just made its entrance into the world.  “We will be watching over her.”  Fourth Kai said.  “This child…is a girl.”
Prince’s Revelation
Second Kai was agitated. “Kai can’t be a girl! Girls are soft and weak.”
“Evidently my Lynna missed learning that little fact.  I think I still have lumps on my head from her smacking me with a cookpot or whatever else she could get her hands on when I returned from one of my insect hunting trips.” First Kai rubbed his head with the memory.
Third Kai laughed. “Who do you think taught me Aka’tai?  I can’t even begin to count the black eyes, bloody noses and bruises my mother gave me during my lessons.”
Fourth Kai agreed. “Xev killed Prince in one of his incarnations on Fire.  She knocked him off of a thorn to his death.  There is nothing weak or soft about women except what we wish to see in our own minds.”
“You just had the bad luck to be surrounded by the weak ones.  I still can’t believe your mother was of my bloodline.  Her only saving grace was when it came to her children, then she would show a little of the Kai spirit in protecting them.   And your mate was so timid she would scream in fright at her own shadow.”  First Kai said to Second Kai.
The first three Kais were distracted from their conversation by the sound of Fourth Kai readying his brace.  He was looking at the door which had opened just a crack.  A white cloth tied to a pole was being poked through the opening.  Slowly the door opened wider and a head poked through.  The head belonged to Priest.
“Priest.” Fourth Kai said “What are you doing here?”
“My Prince would like to speak with you but he ordered me to get your word that you will not demonstrate anymore games to him.  He has only recently recovered from your earlier demonstrations. He says that he has information that is of importance to you.”
“And what does he want in return?” First Kai questioned.
“He says that the price for this information has already been paid.”
Fourth Kai answered. “He has our word. We will not play any games with him as long as he does not play any games with us.   If he is playing another of his games, then we will play our own games with him.”
The door opened wider as Priest opened it for Prince.  “No games I assure you.  The destruction of Fire and Water were the payment for this.” Prince entered and sat in Second Kai’s empty seat.  “Did you forget about Xev walking me to death on the surface of Fire?  No, there was nothing soft or weak about Xev.  Stanley however was another matter.  He almost got all of you killed by Mantrid.  Mantrid did succeed the second time in killing you Kai.  Of course, I played some small part by bringing you back to life when I did.  You however destroyed Mantrid’s creation, and bought humanity some time before they had to face him.”
“What are you talking about.” Third Kai asked “Fourth Kai died because of Lyekka and her sisters.”
“Lyekka’s species does not exist in this universe.  They were all destroyed along with the Light Universe but Mantrid knew of her kind. And he knew of Stanley Tweedle’s weakness for her.  What better way to kill the three of you than by sending someone you would ‘trust’.” Prince stated.  “Stanley and Xev did not figure this out so Mankind has spent the last 1000 years preparing to face the wrong enemy,or perhaps the right one.  It all depends on your perspective. Mantrid’s perspective is that he managed to kill Kai and everyone blames Lyekka and there are no Brunnen G left to challenge him, but it is not the Brunnen G he has to worry about now is it?”
 “This information is of interest to us, but one meeting with you is all it took for me to realize that you do nothing that is not in your best interests.” First Kai said.  “You say this information was ‘paid for’ but there is more to it than that.  You had to go through some effort to seek us out, why are you really here?”
“You may look senile but you are a sharp one aren’t you?  The truth is I exist because humanity exists.  If mankind is exterminated I will cease to exist.  I find myself stuck in the uncomfortable position of having to help you if I do not wish to become extinct.  Sooner or later the subject of extermination will enter Mantrid’s  ‘mind’.  He is insect after all.”  Prince’s distaste with his predicament was quite obvious.
Prince stood. “Oh, one more little tidbit for you, the First bloodline is complete, but you already know that.” Prince said with a bit of a smirk. “I have passed on the information I came here to pass on.  I have things to do, people to warn of their impending deaths and all.  Cheery Bye.”
Second Kai spoke as Prince and Priest left the chamber. “Kai can’t be a girl!”
Third Kai ignored him “So Lyekka was not responsible for your ‘death’, Mantrid was.  I can’t believe none of us realized this.  We should have known.”
Fourth Kai spoke up.  “Physically Mantrid was machine and human.  The only thing insect about him was his essence.  And Xev destroyed the cube that contained his essence when we first arrived back in the Dark Zone.  Perhaps that is why.  But the carrot probes should have made me suspicious, knowing about the drone arms.  We do know now, the question is how do we get the Terlarans back on the right track?”
First Kai spoke.  “Perhaps this is the cryptic Kai following Kai part.  We have to make sure that Fifth Kai knows the truth.”
“Do you think Mantrid knows about Fifth Kai?” Third Kai suddenly asked.  “He thinks he killed Fourth Kai with no one the wiser that it was him.  If he finds out about her…”
“He will kill her.” Fourth Kai responded.
“I still say Kai can’t be a girl!” Second Kai said in the moment before his head toppled to the floor.  Fourth Kai calmly reset his brace.  First and Third Kai watched with barely suppressed satisfaction as Second Kai’s body stumbled around trying to find its head.

Four Kais and a Baby
First Kai was totally smitten.  He stood over the crib cooing at Fifth Kai who was toothlessly grinning up at him.  “If I didn’t know better I’d swear she knows we are here.” He said to the other Kai’s.  “Just look at that smile.”
“She’s too young to smile, it’s gas.” Third Kai responded “Or if she is like my sister’s children, she is about to make a big stinking mess in her diaper.”
“Fourth Kai what do you think?”
“I think, that the dead do not have an opinion about babies.” Fourth Kai said falling back on his extensive list of ‘dead do nots’.
“Don’t ask me.”  Second Kai said “I died before I could find out.”
“So who gets stuck babysitting?” Third Kai asked.
“Oh I think I’ll keep an eye on the little one.” First Kai replied.  “Second Kai can hang around too, since he’s always complaining about not having a chance to be a father.  Why don’t you two see if our friend the priestess can still see and hear you, if she can warn her that our little Kai here may be in danger.”
First Kai was now making faces at Fifth Kai, who was waving her little fists in contentment.  Second Kai eased over to where Third and Fourth Kai were standing and whispered. “The old man has lost it.  He’s gone completely senile.” First Kai had progressed to baby talk.
Fourth Kai remarked “He is the only one of us who has any real experience with babies.”
“He raised seven children of his own.” Third Kai added.
“All by the same woman I might add,” First Kai interrupted.  “unlike someone else in this room.”
Third Kai grabbed Fourth Kai “Time to go, before he really gets cranked up.   I’ll never hear the end of it.”
“That was right on target.” Second Kai said.  “I take back the senile part, but I still say you’ve lost it.”
Finding the Priestess was easier said than done.  Third and Fourth Kai had covered every inch of the temple including the dormitories.  Third Kai especially enjoyed that part of the search since several young acolytes were frolicking in the bathing pools.  Fourth Kai had to literally drag him away.  They had finally found her in the Garden surrounded by a group of children. She was talking about Stanley Tweedle, The LEXX and an upcoming trip to the ‘LEXX’ farm?
“Run along little ones” She said as she noticed the two Kai’s “We will talk more about Stanley Tweedle and his wonderful gift to us, the LEXX tomorrow.”
When the children had left she bowed “How may I be of service to the Pantheon Major?”
“We bring you a warning concerning Fifth Kai.  There may be a great danger to her.  We watch over her, but we cannot affect the physical world.  She must be protected until she is old enough to protect herself.” Third Kai said.
“The child’s mother was recently widowed.  She had come to the temple from Brunnia seeking to join the Priestesses.  Her name is Ari, She traces her bloodline back to Kai, founder of our bloodline and also to Xev Bellringer.  The child’s father was of the Tweedle bloodline.  I will move things along for her acceptance.  Fifth Kai will be raised here in the temple under the watchful eyes of the warrior priests along with the other children sheltered here.”  She nodded toward the group of children now chasing each other and playing a game of ‘It’.
Fourth Kai thought for a moment. “That would be acceptable.  She can be protected without drawing undue notice to her.  At least one of us will also be with her at all times.  The temporary lodging she is currently at is not safe, she must be moved to the temple as soon as possible.”
The Priestess nodded. “May I ask a question of the Pantheon?” the Priestess queried.  “We learn of the ‘Four Incarnations’ from earliest childhood, but until now no one has ever seen you.  Would you clarify which of you is which?”
“I am Fourth Kai, Last of the Brunnen G. He is Third Kai, Founder of the Kai bloodline on Terlara.”
“The old man is First Kai also known as the Warlord Kai, the original Founder of the Kai bloodline on Brunnis.  The young one is Second Kai who prevented Brunnis from suffering a full scale invasion by the insects centuries before I was born.  We are the First Bloodline of Kai which is pure Brunnen G.  Fifth Kai is the first of the ‘new’ bloodline, Brunnen G but no longer pure.  She carries not only Brunnen G blood, but Pordyan blood and the blood of Xev Bellringer and Stanley Tweedle.  Kai has also been born female for the first time.” Third Kai added.
“We do not know how or why but we do know that she is well-suited to her destiny.  Each of us was born specifically suited to accomplishing our task.”  Fourth Kai said. “It seems that you also have been born specifically suited to your task.  You are the only one that seems to be able to see or hear us.  You will speak for us.  What are you called?  We cannot call you priestess or hey you.”
“I am called Dara.”
“Well Dara, your job is now to first see to the safety and welfare of Fifth Kai and second to speak on behalf of the Pantheon Major.”
“I am honored to serve.” She replied as she bowed.
“You can start serving us now.” Third Kai said.  “Tell us about this emperor who thinks he is a god.”

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Mantrid is back along with the insect essence to wreak some havoc! I liked how you had the new Kai be born a girl, it should be interesting.

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Angel wrote: Mantrid is back along with the insect essence to wreak some havoc! I liked how you had the new Kai be born a girl, it should be interesting.A few more old 'friends' will be popping up.

The Kais are just hilarious with their personality clashes
Second Kai is turning out to be a bit of a whiney pain in the ass, not intentionally he's just young.  Third Kai is turning into be a bit of a player, and First Kai is a real softie at heart but nobody's fool!


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It was a very quiet weekend so I ended up finishing the next chapters.

Adana’s Journal Part 2
Tano has asked me to record the history of the Insect Wars.  He has read some of my writings.  The involvement of my son Kai is well known, the involvement of Kai to come is prophecy.  Tano thinks that the history needs to be recorded and I agree with him.
My Bloodline is Kai.  I am a direct descendent of the First Kai, the one we call The Warlord.  He is the founder of the Brunnen G Warrior Caste.  He is the beginning of everything that has happened and will happen, but it all started with The Warlord’s father, Bann the Demented.
The Brunnen G call him Bann the Demented because he claimed to have communicated with a Goddess called Rakais.  The worship of Rakais had stopped long before even Bann was born.  Her temple was a ruin buried deep in the Southern Jungle.  According to the legend, Bann found the temple and asked the Goddess for a boon.  He asked that his bloodline survive until time itself came to an end.  The Goddess granted Bann’s request.  She agreed that Bann’s line would not die out but would be blessed and watched over by her, held sacred to her but in return Bann would dedicate his firstborn child to her.  The child would be named in her honor and carry the name Kai.  Eventually Bann fathered a son and keeping to the agreement that he had made he named his son Kai.
Kai’s life was not easy.  He was the target of ridicule in his village and as he grew he became a foul tempered man .  It is said that he felt nothing but hatred for those in the village because of their abuse.  There was only one person in the village who treated him kindly, a young woman named Lynna.  Eventually the time came for Kai to choose a mate, he chose Lynna.  Lynna’s father ridiculed and humiliated Kai in front of the villagers.  That night something occurred that had never happened before the insects came into the village killing a man and taking a child.  Brunnis had never known violence between insect and human until that point.  The villagers were at a loss as to what to do.  Kai was not.  He set out after the insects.
The insects were much smaller then, nothing like the Gigashadow my son faced.  Still they were much larger than a human.  Kai tracked the insects down and killed over a dozen single-handedly with only a bow, a dagger and a club.  Several villagers had followed him, shamed that the one they had all ridiculed all of his life would prove to be honorable enough to avenge the death of one of the cruelest of his tormenters.  It is said that Kai was like one possessed as he battled the insects.  It was the body of the child that had caused the madness to take him over. 
When Kai returned to the village bearing the body of the child to her family, he was hailed as a hero.  Those who had ridiculed him gave him profuse apologies.  Lynna’s father announced the upcoming joining of Kai and Lynna.  Kai became the guardian of the village a status higher than any other at the time.
The villagers opinion of Kai had changed, but Kai had also changed.  His anger and hatred was now focused on the insects.  When the 10 year mating cycle ended and the insects returned to their burrows underground, Kai started hunting them in their burrows.  Others began to slowly join him on the hunts. He taught those who followed him how to stalk and kill the insects.  The tactics he used were effective, the humans who followed him swelled from a handful to an army.
The hunting expeditions turned into a war.  All over Brunnis Insect and Man fought.  The war raged for 80 years, when it was over Man had won and the few surviving insects were enslaved and studied.  We developed technology based on the study of these insects.  Kai spent the rest of his long life at the side of his mate Lynna who who gave birth to seven children.  These children learned all that their father knew and became the first generation of Brunnen G warriors.

Stanley closed the journal as the moth landed on the bridge of the LEXX.  “So I guess that’s how the Insect Wars started, on Brunnis with that Kai.  It’s weird to know that all of this started because of a deal with a Goddess.  I understand what Adana meant by the price paid by the bloodline of Kai.  It looks like the Brunnen G had amassed one hell of a debt where the insects where concerned.”
“Yes, and the debt was finally paid by our Kai.  And now it looks like we go from one war to another.  The insects have been defeated and now we have to face Lyekka.  At least we know the LEXX can blow up her asteroids.  But how many are there out there wandering the universe eating planets?  LEXX can’t be everywhere at once.” Xev replied.
“I guess that’s why Adana told them to study it and build more of them.  Well Tano and Timor brought a bunch of the priests from the temple familiar with Brunnen G science.  Maybe they can figure it out.” Stanley said as he jumped down from the moth. “LEXX we’ve got company.  Are there any asteroids or moons around here with no life on them?  We need to show our company what you can do.”
“There is a small moon near here Stan.  Can I blow up that one?” LEXX asked. 
Timor, Tano and the scientists were now standing around the bridge amazed that the ship was talking to Stanley.
“No LEXX that moon belongs to this world.  We need to find a different one.”
“The LEXX can blow up moons?” Tano asked.
“The LEXX can blow up entire planets. Xev replied.
One of the priests was now speaking into Tano’s ear.  “Brother Torq would like to know if the LEXX has blown up any planets in the last year or so.”
“Earth and a couple more in that star system.” Stanley replied.
Timor nodded “That is why the stars hid.  The planets that reflected the light which we saw on our world as stars were no longer there.  They had been destroyed.  The battle against these Lyekkas must have been fierce indeed.  Kai’s death was a most noble sacrifice, we are in no way prepared to face an enemy of such great power.”
“Why don’t we show you around while LEXX looks for something to blow up?” Stanley suggested.
They were all leaving the galley.  LEXX had produced its green slime which everyone had tasted.  “It’s not exactly the finest cuisine, but it will obviously keep you alive.” Timor said as he made a face at the aftertaste still on his tongue.  “So this LEXX is the child of the original LEXX?  It recreated everything that was on the LEXX?”
“Yes right down to the last detail.” Stanley said as he stopped in the entrance to the Cryochamber.  “This is the Cryochamber.  This is where Kai spent most of his time frozen in cryostasis to preserve his Protoblood.”
Timor was examining a cryopod.  “How did he unfreeze himself?”
“Well we used the cryopod control unit to wake him up when we needed to.  Kai also had programmed it to wake him occasionally so he could just check up on us.”Stan explained. 
Mantrid’s Plan
Mantrid was as happy as he could be.  He had found a vessel perfectly suited to his needs.  His cube had attached itself to the vessel many months ago when it had landed on the small planet he had hidden himself on.  When the two men left he had the vessel to explore most likely, he had commanded the vessel to take off.  He was not concerned about the human women on board then, but now he was.  The next step in his plan demanded that he have bodyguards until he could grow a host body for himself.  Using his powers and the available organic material to make constructs was time consuming and tiring.  But these women would allow him to create a cadre of bodyguards that could not only protect him but be sent out to do his bidding. 
He had set about creating a lab with everything he would need for the decarbonization process.  Kai had been indestructible. The only thing that could stop him was lack of protoblood, the only thing that could kill him was a Divine Executioner.  At least until he had crossed paths with this ‘Prince’.  Perhaps Prince was some sort of a Divine Executioner.   
He had no part in creating the Executioners, that is the way His Divine Shadow had wanted it.  He wanted to make sure that the Biovizers who created assassins could not give the assassins any defenses against the executioners.  If Prince was an executioner he would deal with that issue when it arose but for now it was time to create his assassins.  The only other being who knew as much about the creation and workings of a Divine Assassin had been Brizon, but Brizon was an ancient memory.  It was easy to overpower one of the women.  The blond woman now lay strapped to the table in his lab, sedated.  “You will be my first.” Mantrid said as he plunged the knife into her heart.
It had taken him months to convert all the women but he was finally done.  Each of the women now rested in her own Cryopod waiting to be awakened.  The vessel had been converted into a fitting home for his army of Divine Assassins.  He checked each cryopod to make sure that all was well on his way to the Growth Chamber.  Thirty tubes contained Mantrid clones at various stages of development.  Soon his new body would be ready and he could devote his time to producing the Lyekka asteroids.  Once they were unleashed the universe would fall neatly into his hands.

Timor and Xev
Xev was enjoying the meal.  Timor had offered to show her around Terla City before they all left for Brunnia in the morning.  The LEXX was being brought to the surface where the Scientists would do a more in depth study.  Everyone had been very impressed with the power of the LEXX.  The small moon that LEXX had found was lifeless but it had contained some organic material.  Stanley had told the LEXX to destroy the Moon and then eat what was left.
“Tell me Xev, what was between you and the Last of the Brunnen G?  You cry for him as a wife would cry for a lost husband.” Timor asked.  “Was he your mate?”
“No, I loved him but he could not love me back.  He would tell me that he ‘Liked me as much as he could like anything.’  Before he died he apologized for not being able to love me as I wished.  I realized then that although he watched over me and maybe felt some vague connection to Stan and I, He was truly dead.  Whatever makes it possible for people to love, to feel for each other it was missing in him.  It also made me realize that the love I felt for him was much less about romance and more about wanting to heal him.  But my accelerated libido had translated that into a physical need.”  She said.  “When I cry for him it’s because he died never actually being able to feel the love we had for him, never being able to feel like a party of our ‘family’.  Stanley cries too.  Late at night when he thinks no one is listening.  Stanley saw Kai like an older brother.  The older brother who beats you up and smacks you around when you screw up but will still protect you with his life.”
“Kai beat up Stanley?”
“No but Stanley knew that Kai could do it and was always a little afraid of Kai.  Kai also made Stanley look at himself and see things that weren’t always good.  Kai made Stanley grow up.  When I first met Stanley he was nothing more than a skirt chasing coward.  Make that sniveling skirt chasing coward but now he has learned how to be a man, most of the time.  That was Kai’s influence.  I never understood loyalty until I met Kai.  But Kai would risk himself to protect us.  He damaged himself jumping down to Water from the LEXX to find out what had happened to us when we first came in contact with Fire and Water.  He dived into the bowels of Planet Fire to rescue Stanley’s soul after he had drowned on Water.  When he died he still was more concerned with Stanley and I being safe than his own welfare.  So he taught me a lot too.  He would always chastise me when I called him a hero, but he was a hero.”  She stopped and Timor dabbed the tears from her cheeks with a napkin.
“Yes, he was a hero.  But he is gone now.  Perhaps you need to find another man to be your hero.” Timor said as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Adana’s Journal Part 3
Stanley had decided to read more of the journal.  Xev was out on another date with Timor. Stanley was happy for her, now that Timor was paying attention to her she spent much less time pining over Kai.  Stanley opened the book and began to read.
After the defeat the insects suffered at the hands of the Warlord and his army, Brunnis was blessed with peace.  Our Scientists diligently studied the remaining insects, the warrior caste developed into a powerful political force.  The artists and philosophers built our culture.  Eventually we discovered that we could reach the stars using this insect technology.  They created organic fighters that could travel to the stars and around our world.  The warrior caste now grew to include those who flew these fighters.
In order for the warriors of the caste to be at their best and most effective, a guild school was built around the Marker where The Warlord and his mate Lynna both were sent on their journey to the Dream Zone.  The spot had already been marked off and deemed of great historical significance.  It was the site of Kai’s first battle with the insects.  When Lynna started her journey to the Dream zone, Kai choose to bring her body to that spot and release it by fire.  When he started his journey 35 years later, his descendants also released his body by fire on the same spot.  It was fitting that this spot be in the center of a school dedicated to training warriors that followed in his footsteps.
It was at this school that another Kai received his warrior training.  His mother was a descendent of the Warlord and his father also came from a long line of warriors.  Although Kai was the first to actually kill an insect, Torq was the first to actually die at the hands of the insects.  There was bad blood between The Warlord and Torq but the Warlord still ordered that Torq’s name be honored next to his because Torq had given his life attempting to protect the small child that was taken.  So this young Kai was descended from the two most honored bloodlines among the warrior caste.
He was a credit to his bloodline, becoming one of the most skilled pilots of the Brunnen G.  At the age of 19 he was already one of the best pilots in the Planetary Defense Force.  His was the first name chosen to be a part of the newly developed Dragon Fighter Program.  The scientists had discovered a way to grow fighters that would bond with their pilots through the use of a key combining the pilots DNA with that of his fighter.  When it came time for the first mission of these pilots, Kai was named first unit leader.  He was the commanding officer of the 100 men in the program.  He was only 25 years old, it was unheard of for unit leaders to be under forty.
No one knew how important this program would prove to be on its first mission.  It was their job to patrol the frontier for threats against Brunnis and on their very first mission they discovered and thwarted a full scale invasion by the insects.  The unit lost over half of number in the fight that followed, including Kai.  The insects had planned their invasion well.  A decoy force of over 100 insects amassed on the border farthest from Brunnis. Kai dispatched 25 of the 30 fighters on patrol under his command to face these insects.  Kai was left with only himself and four others to face what would turn out to be the main invasion force which had been stealthily deployed in an artificial comet.  When the main force began to pour out of the comet, Kai knew that we would have been overrun and destroyed.  He used his fighter to destroy the comet.  Scientists who later analyzed the data from the surviving fighters, estimated that the comet probably held over 7000 insects.  When the insects had all been destroyed and the invasion was over Kai’s second in command  Jute, his mate Arrana and young son Torq petitioned the Guild School to place a marker to him in the square where Lynna and the Warlord’s markers were located. 
Stanley took a break.  The name Kai just seemed to spell bad luck for insects.  Starting with The Warlord Kai and all the way to Kai the Last of the Brunnen G it seemed anyone named Kai was guaranteed to kick insect ass.
“So dead man, what now?” Stanley asked.  “What the hell do we do now?  I’m not a fighter.  I don’t know how to fight this, I don’t want to fight this.  Fighting is your job not mine.  I’m just a lowly Security Guard class four that stumbled into being the Captain of the LEXX.  You’re the fighter.  You’re the one who was always standing in front of me and Xev.  And it finally got you killed, really killed.  I guess I never believed anything could kill you, that you would always be there, frozen stiff waiting for us to wake you up whenever we ran into some danger.” Tears were rolling down Stanley’s face. “And now you aren’t here.  Why did you have to go and die on us?”

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History Lessons for the Kais
“My Prince, Why didn’t you tell Kai about the Noah?  Would it not help them to know that Mantrid has taken it.  Perhaps he could help us get my Bunnykins back.” Priest whined to Prince.
“That was 1000 years ago.  Forget about Bunny.  By now she like all the other ladies has fallen to some evil plot of Mantrid.  If not for the fact that he would totally annihilate humanity, I could probably deal with this Mantrid.  He seems like my kind of fellow, but survival comes first.  Kai has more important things to do like preventing  Mantrid killing this new Kai and making sure that the Terlarans see the true threat and not the charade.  And if this visit to see Kai wasn’t distasteful enough now I have to meet with him!”  Prince was in a high temper.  The ancient shriveled Kai was just too astute, and probably the most intelligent of the lot.  He would soon figure out that he needed the Kais more than they needed him. 
“Hello Prince.  You seem to be in a bad mood.  Out of sorts at having to beg for help from the Brunnen G?”  Duke said cheerfully. Duke was fully enjoying Prince’s predicament.  If Mantrid’s plans succeeded Prince like everything and everyone else in this universe would cease to exist.  The only way Mantrid could be defeated was with the help of the Brunnen G.  Of course, the Brunnen G were not the only ones Prince had found himself dependent on.  Duke had been spying on Mantrid for the past 500 years ever since he and Prince had made their deal. “He knows that the Terlarans are celebrating the birth of ‘The One’, but he does not know who the one is.  He is sending one of his guards to investigate.  And they are like the Kai you met on Fire.”
Dara sat in the front seat of the skimmer with Ari.  Baby Kai was safely buckled into a carrier in the backseat under the watchful eye of the Ancient First Kai.  Baby Kai also had the vision, she could see the Pantheon Major.  Dara was surprised at the old man’s patience with the infant, according to all the histories he was reputed to be a foul tempered wretch.  But the more time she spent serving  the Pantheon, the more she came to see that the histories had falsely made them all into these godlike beings.  She was finding that they all had human faults and strengths, they were simply men.  Courageous and heroic beyond the norm, but still they were men.  She landed the Skimmer on the outskirts of the refugee camp.
“We’re here.” She announced.  When Third and Fourth Kai had asked her about this Mantis, she thought it best that they hear directly from the source.  And so plans were made to travel to Brunnia to the refugee camp.  The official story was that Ari was bringing Baby Kai home to meet her grandparents.  A full detail of trusted warrior priests had accompanied them.  First Kai had travelled with them, the rest of the Pantheon was already here and waiting.  As Ari unstrapped baby Kai from the carrier the infant caught sight of Second Kai and growled. 
It was a typical reaction, for some reason she seemed to dislike Second Kai, but then again the young man had proven to be a pain in the ass on more than one occasion.  Not that it was deliberate, Dara suspected it was more his youth than any real intent.  Third Kai like First Kai drew smiles from the infant, the jury was still out where Fourth Kai was concerned.  She often frowned at him as if she did not know what to make of him.  And he often looked at her as if he saw something other than an innocent babe, especially when she growled as she had just done.
“So here we all are.”  First Kai said.  “Let’s hear what this source has to say.”
“There are over 2000 families in this camp.  It is the largest camp here on Terlara.  They congregate here on the southern shore of Brunnia after fleeing from their homes.  Occasionally they make it to one of the cities and that is how we learned of this emperor who calls himself ‘Mantis’.  He is a force on the far frontier his armies are the only thing that has kept this invasion force at bay, but at a terrible cost.” Dara said as she led them to a small shack.
“May we enter your dwelling Ivo?” She asked.
“Please enter and be at home Dara of the Temple of Warriors, and your friends also.”  An older man somewhere in the transition from middle age to old age sat at a table.  “I see only two women and a babe but I feel a very strong masculine presence.  It is for this presence you wish me to relate my tale?” He asked.
“Yes just say again what you said in the Council when you came to Terla City.”  They will hear you.
“It started 25 years ago, rumors of entire planets just suddenly dying.  Traders would visit one of their allies beyond the frontier and find a dead world, stripped of all life.  No one knew why or what this planet killer was.  It moved closer and closer to the frontier until soon a world this side of the frontier suffered the same fate.  People began to panic thinking that their world would be next.   Those who lived on the frontier abandoned entire worlds to escape.
Several more worlds were destroyed and then Mantis showed up.  He fought this planet killer, an army of asteroids carrying beings that would eat everything on the surface of these worlds they visited.  He saved many lives.  Those he saved made him their king.  In time he has gained an empire.  It was how he came to rule my world.  We were grateful to him at first but then he slowly began to show the tyrant inside.  Strict curfews were put in place with drastic consequences for breaking curfew.  All of our freedoms were taken from us.  Any dissent resulted in public executions.  Not just of the guilty but of entire families.  Those of us who had the means escaped.  So it is on every world he has saved. 
This camp started with just a few families and now we are crowded to death with more refugees arriving every week.  Mantis is no savior.  Some cannot see the evil, some choose to be deliberately blind and some are too frightened to speak.  He draws closer, the worlds the refugees come from used to be frontier worlds.  Now they are worlds in the inner rim.  Eventually he will come here and there will be no place left to run.”  The man finished.
“Thank you Ivo.” Dara said.
“There is one more thing.  The execution squads he sends after dissenters are all women.  Strange women, they show no emotion at all and they cannot be killed. Even if you separate their heads from their bodies these women do not die, they simply put their head back in place and keep coming. ”

Fourth Kai spoke as they gathered around the skimmer.  “Divine Assassins, he has created Divine Assassins.    Mantrid was one of the Biovizers in charge of the assassins.  He created us.  His shadow would steal the memories of those he killed and then in some cases such as my own turn the body over to the Biovizers. 
We were we put through a process called decarbonization.”  Fourth Kai rarely showed any emotion at all but his voice was now full of pain as he described the process that had made him into what he was.  “First they removed any ‘parts’ not necessary to perform the function of an assassin, all internal organs were removed and the bodies were castrated.  Implants were placed in the brain and then the body was decarbonized.  After the decarbonization was finished, internal processors and servos are placed in the empty cavity in place of the internal organs that were removed.  Power and control rods are installed. This is then all connected to the implants in the brain.  Then the body is augmented with a weapon, in my case the brace.  That is also connected to the brain implants.  The last item is a pump to circulate the protoblood that animated us. 
Then we are programmed.  Most of the brain function is lost. They allow us just enough intelligence to understand and follow orders.  Most of the capacity for memory is dedicated to killing techniques, not just with the weapon augmented to us but how to kill using almost any item.” He stopped and took a deep breath. “Once the process is complete, we become unstoppable killing machines.  The only thing that will hinder us is running out of protoblood, but once we are given a new supply we simply pick up our mission again from the point we ceased functioning.
The biovizers added additional programming also.  Failsafe switches.  Even with my own memory intact Brizon was able to control me by using the failsafe switch.   The only way to permanently stop a Divine Assassin is to send something that was created specifically to stop us, a Divine Executioner.”
Third Kai spoke “Vlad?”
“She was created to destroy Assassins that malfunctioned or in some other way did not serve the wishes of His Shadow.  I faced her and lost, I was no more able to protect myself than Fifth Kai could protect herself right now.  She would have destroyed me if not for Stanley Tweedle.”
“Let’s hope she is still in the Chamber of Purging.  She may be able to help us.  Fourth Kai and I need to find her.” Third Kai said.
First Kai laid a hand on Fourth Kai’s shoulder. “Go, Second and I will keep Fifth in our sight at all times.”
“We won’t let anything happen to her.  I’m sorry I shouldn’t have baited you for all these years.” Second Kai said.
The purging chamber was almost empty.  Only one Assassin was left there with Vlad,  a very different Vlad from the one that had been there when they first came to this chamber centuries ago. Long blonde hair fell in soft waves around a peaceful face.
 The energy swirled angrily round the ceiling.  There was a lot of negative emotion in this room.  Fourth Kai looked at the swirling mass remembering his own purging 1000 years earlier.  Once again he thought of the order he was given all those centuries ago.  When he was told to eliminate that family, it was an order rarely given to Assassins but under Mantrid, it was the norm.  He had no doubt that Mantis was Mantrid.
“Kai, why have you returned?” Vlad scolded him as she approached him from across the room.  “You have been purged, you should not be here, if your pain returns you may not be able to purge it again.”
“We need to speak with you Vlad.  Can you leave the chamber?  It is very important.  Divine Assassins are being created again.” Third Kai spoke.
“Kai can leave while we talk.  It is best that you stay out of the purging chamber.”  She led them to a door and ushered Fourth Kai into a small room.  “If more assassins are being created it may effect my own purging.”
“Mantrid is creating Divine Assassins,” Third Kai said. “I understand that only Divine Executioners can destroy Divine Assassins.
“That is true,” She replied.  “Divine Assassins were created to be indestructible machines.  But like any machine they can malfunction.  The Divine Order needed a way to destroy the assassins when that happened.  So they created us, the Executioners.  The decarbonization process makes Assassins stronger than any human. 
Kai could crush a human’s bones to powder simply by squeezing their wrist.  He could also plunk his ass down on the largest of thermo-nuclear devices as it exploded and the only thing that would happen is he would get a warm fuzzy feeling while proving the fact that what goes up must come down. He was impervious to any weapon created.  Of course you could use a blade to chop him to bits but once he pulled himself together he would still come for you single-minded in his purpose.    
Divine Executioners go through a second decarbonization and other processes.  Our bodies are twice as dense as his.  When we faced each other I tossed him around like a child.  It did not destroy him or damage him but it made him use more protoblood than he normally would to prevent damage which weakened him to the point that I could move in for the kill.”  Something vaguely snake-like was coming out of her abdomen. “This attaches itself to the pump controlling the flow of protoblood and drains the assassin completely of his protoblood.  Once the assassin is completely drained it injects a venom which destroys the pump. So even if a new supply of protoblood is given to the assassin it cannot reanimate.”
“That is good to know but Kai is an assassin.  He can’t drain another assassin.” Third Kai said.
“No he can’t, but there is another weapon that can be used just not by him.  It would destroy any sanity he has left.  You were at his side for the Purging.  It took 57 years for him to purge.  Assassins are emotionless killers. The machine feels nothing but the brain is still intact.  The brain collects all of the emotions over the years but has no way to process it because the assassin’s consciousness is cut off from the functioning part of his brain.  For 57 years Kai was crippled as he processed and dealt with all of the emotions stored in his mind and he had both of us there to help him through it.  If there was a way for him to safely carry this,” She gestured toward the ceiling, “he could incapacitate any assassin simply by giving them the pain.”
“What if someone else could carry it?” Third Kai asked.
“They would be consumed by hatred.  But they would be better equipped to deal with the emotions than he would be.” 
 “If there’s one thing we Kais know, it’s how to deal with Hatred.  It’s a core part of all of us.”  Third Kai replied.
“That may have been true in life but Kai, like all of us who were forced to serve His Shadow is an emotional cripple now.  There is one more option, locate Brizon.  Brizon knows just as much about the Divine Assassins as Mantrid.  Brizon has also been purged and he is a wealth of knowledge.  When he was here, he claimed he knew of a way to bring me back."
Vlad watched as the last Assassin now purged, left the chamber.  My job is over she thought I can finally rest.  She started as the door opened.  The room was bathed in light.  As she watched the light began to consume the mass of energy swirling around the ceiling.
“Are you telling me that pale imitation of a biovizer still lives?  That herpes sore on the ass of the universe survived the Destruction of the Light Universe?” Brizon demanded.
“He somehow managed to follow the LEXX through the portal when we came back into the Dark Zone.” Fourth Kai said from his spot on the far side of the cell in which Brizon was spending eternity.  Fourth Kai did not want to get too close to the Biovizer, but after hearing him describe the process for making a Divine Assassin, Third Kai didn’t blame him one bit.
“We are giving you a chance to help destroy Mantrid.  He is creating Divine Assassins in the Dark Zone.  We need a way to fight them that doesn’t put any of us at undue risk.” Third Kai said.
“You have a Divine Assassin of your own.” Brizon replied.
“In case you haven’t noticed Biovizer, I am really dead now.” Fourth Kai replied.
“And yet here you are. The spirit or energy that makes you uniquely you.  The rest my boy is just a matter of matter.  It is easily overcome.  But if you are going to face a new generation of Divine Assassins created by Mantrid, you will need an edge.  Genius is simply the art of planning ahead, super genius is not sharing everything that you know.” Brizon smiled.  “I think now is the time to show that fool that he is still the second best Biovizer that ever lived.  I underestimated him before but this time he is the one that will suffer the consequences of underestimating his enemy.  I do indeed know of a way to ‘bring you back’.  I will give you detailed instructions. 
You will need a cryopod.  The Cryopod can be configured to draw atomic particles from any supply of material and convert it to matter.  Much as Mantrid did with the suns in the Light Universe but it is not drone arms we will be creating from that energy.  We will be creating a physical body for you.
But the edge you will have is this, The body you create will not be animated by protoblood but by you.  Your spirit inside this construct is what gives it life, not protoblood.  But the body will be decarbonized there fore it will have the same capabilities you had as a Divine Assassin.  Mantrid figured out how to do this but he did not have a cryopod to do the work for him he had to personally manipulate the atoms around him to create the construct and when he left it went back to the state it was in before he created it.  This takes a lot of effort and weakens him.  By using the cryopod you will create a permanent physical body.  You will be able to enter it at will and when it is not in use store it in the cryopod. ”
 Brizon picked up a small round object from his desk and directed a beam of light at Fourth Kai.  When Third Kai moved to interfere Brizon  said “Stop, he must know how to configure the cryopod and how to program it.  I am simply giving him the directions to do so.  After a couple of minutes he asked.  “Do you understand how to do it?”
“Yes thank you, Biovizer.” Fourth Kai spoke.
“I also removed all the failsafe programming that was buried in your mind.  If you want to thank me, destroy Mantrid.  In a way we are both responsible for what he is.  Correct our mutual mistake.” Brizon said.
Third Kai looked at Fourth Kai who was deep in thought.  “Are you alright?”
“Yes, Brizon did give me the instructions on how to use the cryopod to create a body.  Vlad assured us that he has been purged, but more importantly there is a history between Mantrid and Brizon.  Brizon was Mantrid’s teacher.  There is a bitter rivalry between the two.  Brizon wishes to prove he is better than Mantrid above all else.”
“So you will be a Divine Assassin once again.” Third Kai commented.
“If Mantrid sends a Divine Assassin after Fifth Kai, only another Divine Assassin will be able to protect her, and not being dependent on protoblood I don’t have to worry about it expiring or running out.  I can keep another assassin engaged in battle until they exhaust their supply.  I just hope that we are not too late.”

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Divine Assassin

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Don't sprinkle sugar on your bullshit and then tell me it's candy!

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