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Ellen Dubin Interview 11-18-2010!!
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Hey guys, a brand new interview from Ellen Dubin, just for us !! We'd like to thank the lovely and generous Ellen for her time and gracious answers. Ellen mentioned that as she was typing this interview, she got a call from Xenia Seeberg, and was told to make sure to say Hi to us !!!

This is an exclusive interview for and may not be uploaded any place else without permission.

 Let the games begin !!



Everyone knows the beautiful and talented Ellen Dubin as ‘Giggerota the Wicked’ in Lexx, and some of the other characters you’ve played, Queen, Pope G G Rota, etc.  


1. Is there one scene in Lexx, in any episode that stands out in your mind as one of your best performances?

There were so many magical scenes in LEXX. I loved working with this cast. I would say most of the scenes where I take Stanley Tweedle  (Brian Downey) hostage were the most fun - the fans loved these scenes the best. They adored watching the crazy banter between us.

We had such an instant connection as actors - there was a lot of humor and power in those scenes. I think one of the strongest specific  scenes 
was when I captured him as the Pope in APOCALEXX NOW and was this absolutely intense madwoman. I shot golf balls at him – Unbelievably absurd scene!

2.      Tell us about the agony of the rubber suit, and how difficult it was to put on? How would you have changed it?

I am not sure if the fans know this but there were actually two suits. The first few season  it was a very tight itchy leather jumpsuit.

It stunk of chemicals. No one wanted to eat lunch with me. It had to be cut at all the joint areas- knees, elbows and ankles because I could not move in this outfit. It was very difficult to put on at first because the fabric was so tight and had no flexibility. The wardrobe people realized in future seasons that they needed to come up with a better fabric that wasn't so immovable. So they went with this much softer buckskin suede. That was such a relief!

When the rubber suit got wet , after I emerged from the water as Giggerota the Wicked, the stench was unbelievable . Also after that, the whole thing fell apart. So it was good to have a much more malleable jumpsuit. You have to admit though - you have never seen a costume like that. It was eerie having a head on the back of the outfit but fit her character as a cannibal. Giggerota was wearing one of her victims. YIKES!

3. Did you have any input on any of the dialogue with the writers as to how you saw Giggerota?

I didn't need to change a word- it was so wonderful. My input was taking the fabulous writers’ words and adding my personality to the role. 

It was so satisfying  to create such a great meaty character from the ground up.

4. Was there ever any huge difference of opinion on how you should play a certain part?

Never. Working on Lexx was always a collaborative effort. Great team players- that is why the characters in the show are such standouts.
When an actor is relaxed on set, the work just soars!

5. Working on a TV show of film can be extremely tedious and repetitive, how did you pass the time?

If I am not in every scene, I try and watch the other actors. I like to watch people's methods of working. Every one has a different method of approaching their acting work.
If I have to be in another scene and change wardrobes, then I run to the dressing room and change and work on the next scene. Always wrapped up reading the script.
I am not the type of actor who can nap in between scenes. Once I am there, I am THERE!

6.  What was your favorite location filming? What did you do for fun there?

Oh we were so fortunate to work on an incredible show and go to amazing places.
I have to say that Thailand was the highlight for me. Loved the whole atmosphere. It is such a unique amazing place. We toured temples, took tuk tuk rides, ate fabulous foods went to the market. The clothes can be so cheap. The people were so friendly and sweet and so loving and kind

One of the highlights of my entire career!  I was so grateful that Paul Donovan – the show’s creator/producer wanted to shoot APOCALEXX NOW in Thailand.

7.  Were there any pranks or practical jokes you can talk about now that the show has been over for 10 years? We know you want to….

I don’t think it was an intentional prank but when Giggerota ate the brains- I don’t think I expected the taste to be so rubbery – so when I spit the “brains” out that was me disgusted at the actual taste. It worked well for the character- the spitting action!
I just remember laughing all the time between takes.
Great company of actors to play with.

8. Would you have ever liked to direct an episode of Lexx ?

Nope - no desire to direct LEXX or any other show for that matter.

9. Is there any episode that you were in that you would have liked to go in a different direction or have a different ending?

I would have loved for the show to continue and have Giggerota hook up with Prince.That would have been incredible. Two powerhouses! Wild, huh?
Hey I could even see me with “sleeping meat” at one point!

10.    How would you have made Giggerota more ‘Evil’ ?

Very interesting question - a first!

 In the case of LEXX, I wouldn't have made her more evil  - Part of Giggerota's badness is that she combines her 
evil with humor. The nature of my role was to have that combination - If I would have played her more barbaric or more intense in a completely dramatic style, it would not have worked for the tone of the show. Humor was vital to make her work!

11. Would you have liked more backstory on Giggerota in the first season?

I would have liked to maybe have seen Giggerota a little bit younger and see why she became the way she did.  What brought her to where she is.

Remember we saw Xev Bellringer as a different woman and then she transforms into the other Xev. But up until you asked me this question, I  had never really thought of it. But yes that would have been wonderful!

12.  Who was your favorite other character on the show, in terms of acting, and why?

Oh wow- I worked so much with Brian Downey as Stanley - I have to say his character. The everyman role is not as easy as it looks to play and he managed to make Stanley such a lovable idiot. He had such a knack as an actor to do great slapstick humor as well as a subtle style of acting. That takes a really well trained actor.

13. If Lexx had continued for a fifth season, what would you have liked to see for the progression of the Giggerota character?

See the answer to question 9
Me and Prince go off into the sunset and Xev and I fight over him! 

14.     Have you ever considered doing a ‘drop-in’ performance on a TV show or movie as Giggerota as a comedy bit?

Giggerota wouldn't fit in anywhere! Only in LEXX
I would love to do a movie of the week though - what happened to the LEXX characters kind of thing. 

15.    Can you give us one favorite memory of your time with Lexx?

My favorite memory is happening right now as I type this. I am grateful to fans like yourself who keep LEXX alive. It is such a pleasure that years
later, people still want to know about us.

I keep in touch with most of the cast via email.
So that is a wonderful thing- Creating lifelong fans and lifelong friendships. What more can you ask for?


1. First, congrats on your blazing success in your latest play, ‘Live Nude Girl’, it was obviously very well-received: Can you tell us a bit about your part, and the process of doing this play that may have been a bit different from your other live work?

Thanks for that. The play is a new work called LIVE NUDE GIRL . It is an ensemble moving funny provocative play about the world of 
stripping. I played two major roles in the play - a frustrated slightly psychotic stage mother when the female lead was five seven and sixteen 
and a fellow stripper- very sultry wild Russian stripper named LOVE.

2.  How did you hear about the part and what drew you to it?

I knew the show's writer/creator/producer/star Monica Himmel from the business in LA . I ran into her on an airplane and she said she would love for me to be in her  play. I read it and I so admired the fact that she was going to do this out of her own pocket and create a new work from scratch  that I agreed to sign on. Loved the humor sweetness and sexiness of the play.

I was also drawn to the material because I knew I would be playing roles that were so opposite - I could keep the audience on their toes.

3.  What challenges did you face in doing this play?

The biggest challenge was that the rehearsal time was very short - so we had to really be on our toes and the other major challenge 

was we only got to perform the show once a week . SO it was difficult to be able to get a run of it. Plus
we only did the play for six performances. By the time it was finished, we were just getting our sea legs. 

4.      Do you prefer this kind of live feedback from audiences or film and TV work?

I love live theater because you know immediately where your audience is coming from .You can feel them right there in front of you breathing laughing sobbing - It is a very rewarding experience. You are right there feeling the pulse of the audience while you perform and this play was in a very small intimate space  so you could feel every movement in the audience!

5.      Tell us about your other projects from this past year that you enjoyed the most.

I am enjoying working on a new project called THE RESOLVE. It is a new psychological thriller web series. I play a psychologist and lover to the male lead- actor Russ Cootey.  I got involved in this project because I like flying by the seat of my pants not knowing what is happening from one episode to the other. The web is a new medium for shows and wanted to be involved from the beginning. Another great group of creative people!

I am the new voice of the huge Disneyland attraction called THE WORLD OF COLOR in Los Angeles. It was a real coup for me to get this big
gig because the voice world is a tough nut to crack
I am also working on a video game (can’t say the
name yet) playing some very interesting characters.

My movie of the week SECOND CHANCES will be airing on LIFETIME shortly and spending time with
my family!

6. Do  you prefer working in Canada or do you like to explore the world? 

I prefer working on whatever I am working on wherever I am. Very adaptable!
Have no preferences. Just love working and exploring anywhere.
Yes I would love to go to GREECE or ITALY OR AUSTRALIA to shoot but I always find something new and exciting no matter where I shoot.

7. What kinds of parts do you enjoy the most?

Parts with a huge emotional range- not perfectly good or bad- Human - flawed women.

Women who are sensual mixed with comedy strength and vulnerability appeal to me, as well.

8.      If you could have your own way, who would you most want to work with and why?

I would love to work with - oh my - where do I start?

Jeff Bridges - amazingly versatile actor

Liam Neeson - he is tall enough for me and very well trained

Tim Roth - love his eclectic take on roles

Martin Scorcese-  the name says it all

Clint Eastwood- as an actor and director - beautiful humane work as a director

Cate Blanchett- well!

Meryl Streep - well! 

Robert Downey Jr – well!

9.  Have you ever considered directing or writing your own productions?

No interest

10.    Do  you agree that comedy is much more difficult to do than drama, and why?

Comedy demands timing that can't be taught. It is interesting that a lot of comedy actors have a great sense of drama but some dramatic actors are not good at comedy. It demands a quickness of pace , a sense of the absurd and a freeness. Hard to describe - Yes it is more difficult

11.    What do you have coming down the road in terms of new projects?

THE RESOLVE continues for the next year or so- The role I play in this web series is a regular part and ongoing.
The video game- I will also continue working on.
And LIVE NUDE GIRL will probably be done again -So will go into rehearsals for that in a few weeks.

12. How would you describe your work ethic? Are you a perfectionist?

I am the first to be there = the last to leave. 

I constantly give give give. I am passionate unbelievably ridiculous and very finicky with my own work
Very hard on myself - That is why I very rarely watch the finish product of a show I have done.
Perfectionist is my first middle and last name!

13.     Can  you give us your views on the state of Canadian Theater these days?

I think Canadian theater is thriving. It is going through a fabulous time-From the big musicals to small indie theaters.

We are very lucky here to have so many different venues and styles of theater -There is something for everyone here.

14.     Tell us how you see the current trends in the Canadian film industry and do you agree with them?

Because the economy has been bad worldwide, it has obviously affected the film industry all over. Canada is no exception.

We are slowly crawling out from the ashes. These things always go in cycles. There is still not a huge amount of film production right now.

But there are so many stories to be told out of Canada - that film will come back full force again 

15.     What kind of advice can you give for anyone wanting to break into the film industry in Canada?

I would give the same advice to anyone wanting to break into the film industry everywhere. Be yourself- follow your goals, 

Study be disciplined. Don't expect things to fall in your lap by being lazy -Care about other people in the industry and help others


1. Are you based in Toronto these days?

 I divide my time between Los Angeles and Toronto.

I also live in suitcase- I go where the work is

I love both LA and Toronto.  Too much traffic in LA but lots of opportunity. Great frozen yoghurt places in LA

Toronto is an incredible city - Hard to leave because most of my friends and family are there.

2. Can you tell us a bit about what you’re doing for fun when not knocking them dead onstage?

I love spending time with family- Because I am on the road so much - that is excitement for me Having dinner with them taking them around the city and helping them out. Love great food- Thai , Chinese Japanese 

Like searching out great restaurants and going to the theater and movies

3. Can you give us a little background on what it was like growing up with such a great sense of humour?

How do you know I grew up like that?
I actually used  humor as a defense mechanism because I was treated so badly in school.
Kids made fun of me so I thought if I was funny I could make them like me and hide the pain.
So humor was vital to get me through day to day.
My dad is amazing - he introduced me to old movies - The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy , The Three Stooges etc. I saw many funny movies as a child. Really helped me through life!

4.      What was your school experience like?

I was a great student but had a hard time growing up as a skinny gawky nerdy kid. I think most people when they are growing up go through some
tough periods.
My parents were amazing though. Always surrounded me with great music , lots of support and put me in ballet school so I could gain confidence

5.  Was there every anyone that was a mentor or encouraged you to pursue theater as a profession?

My ballet teacher was very hard on me - She was a task master but when I look back - She only picked on the people that she thought had 

potential to go on and perform. She was a true mentor to me. Always told me when I was on stage that I wasn't the best technical ballet dancer,
but I was a natural to move an audience to tears or make them laugh
So that inspired me greatly as well as my fabulous parents.

6.      What is your favorite childhood memory?

 Going to ballet class with my dad and then he would pick me up and we would go for lunch.
Loved that so much.

7. If you weren’t involved in the performing arts, what would you most like to do for a living?

Teaching and helping kids

8. What are your views on the ‘Green Movement’ ?

Anything that can save and preserve our ecology is vital! 

9.  Do you have any charities that you promote?

I am the spokesperson for MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION in Central Ontario and Toronto and feed the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission.

10.    Who would be your ultimate dinner party guests, past and present , fact or fictional characters?

You would have to be part of the dinner as well as Beethoven, Joan of Arc, Nureyev, Humphrey Bogart , Vivian Leigh, Judy Garland and Ghandi!

 11.     What are your musical preferences, what did you grow up listening to?

My parents played everything from Frank Sinatra, to Ella Fitgerald to Chopin to rock n roll to musical theater. I was very lucky to have  a wide variety of musical influences. Helped shape me as a soulful human and a passionate performer.

12.     Could you list your favorite movies of all time?

Wizard of Oz!

13.    Do spend a lot of time reading when not working and if so, what are your favorite topics? Book titles?

Nope I read plays magazines and usually watch Tv to see what is around to do my research as an actor. I get very restless reading – need to move around.

14.     Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time ?

Still doing what I am doing and maybe producing an ensemble offbeat comedy movie! And staying healthy!

15.     Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans, that we may not have asked?


AND IF YOU WANT TO EMAIL ME and my web site is

I am so grateful to each and everyone of you. And I hope I see you at sci fi conventions

And I want to say to you that this interview is the best! 

Thanks again for your valuable time, and from your loyal Lexx fans, we wish you the best success and happiness in your career.

(I figured out  how to bypass the Word doc text editor so this should be easier to read..)

maya x







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Such a cool interview! I'm glad I happened to log in before heading off to bed - this made my night. :o)

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It was so great of her to take the time out to do the interview. Thanks Ellen!

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Ellen is really such a neat person and I'm glad she took the time out for the interview. Best of luck in your career Ellen!

Alot of thanks to Maya for conducting the interview!

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Awesome interview! Thanks Maya and Ellen!


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Just as delightful as always, our lovely Giggy!  Thanks for the interview, Maya, you're the top!  :147:

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It's always such a pleasure to interview Ellen because she is SUCH a classy lady and always has such nice things to say about everyone !


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