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There is some imagery from Lexx which simply burned itself into my soul the first time I saw it, and it is the power of these bits which makes Lexx seem so vibrant even a decade after its original airing.

It is to some degree an injustice to mention only a smattering of these, but some come to mind more easily than others though there are many indeed.

For instance, the protein bank harvester which looks kind of like a 1960's Milton Bradley game except with sharper pieces and lots of blood...

Of course the justice system of the Cluster complete with bored barristers and its overlay of religious banality: "My Client...."

And need I mention it? I chose my avatar because of the juxtaposition of the fun-house clown look with what the thing pictured was actually about. I always imagine that next scene where a sort of loose sausage filling is being extruded out the clown-faced nose to sluice down into the Cluster's proto-blood factory.... all the while onlookers might think happy thoughts about their recently cleansed brethren...


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Some of the images that stuck with me...

Kai spitting out the yellowy-green and purple goo that he sucked out of zombie Xev.

The horror that was Schlemmi. (Robot head rape is just so wrong) :shock:

Squish gleefully diving into the brain of the Giga Shadow.

The slicer thingy on Brunnis. Awfully barbaric for such an advanced people. They have the amazing technology of preserving literal memories for posterity, but they have to cut you in half while you're still alive in order to do it.

The Game. Pretty much the entire episode. The chess board was amazing, and the scenery where Kai and Prince played was stark and surreal.

The Lexx itself. It's strange, pretty, and slightly obscene all at the same time. I know it's often said that Lexx is very phallic, but I always thought that Lexx's face sort of looks like... um... lady parts.

And finally... Stan's leer. The expression on his face when he was attempting to be seductive was comical, disturbing, and a little sad.

That's just a few that stuck with me. The aesthetic of Lexx was so unique and that's one of the many reasons why I love it so much!


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The food dispenser!

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Not to mention the shower nozzle in Season One, used by Zev.....

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That blue snatch of hair.....hysterical.


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Jeff Hirschfield.  Full stop.

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